A Life Worth Living by Nancy Buxton

Our Treasures

We have looked forward to seeing our family in Singapore for months and now it is almost over.  We will be leaving here on February 28 and I will be leaving part of my heart.  There are three little people that I just hate to leave behind, and then there are the two big people that I am leaving.  Lincoln is 3, Rylin is 1 and Katie is 15 10, Lincoln is all a 3 year old should be and more, Rylin is sweet and busy and Katie is becoming a young lady.  The next time I see them will be over the web-cam on the computer and it’s not the same.  We are leaving John and Jacie behind to care for our three treasures.  I don’t really know how it happened but Jacie and John seem to be plenty capable of taking care of these three without us.  It is an odd thought that my child is now a parent and making the same decisions I once made.  My prayers are with them as they parent these little people.


Comments on: "Our Treasures" (2)

  1. Prayers for safe journey home as well as courage and health for those you leave behind. All of you are loved and prayed for, especially John right now.

  2. martinoutlook said:

    Have a safe trip home, Nancy. I know you’ll miss your family–but we need you here in the Mid-America Union!

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