A Life Worth Living by Nancy Buxton

L. O. L.

LOL.  . .Do you know what that means?  It stands for Laugh Out Loud, yup that’s what it stands for, have you had your laugh today?  Do you know it is actually healthy to laugh and the heartier the laugh the better it is for you.  “They” say it builds endorphins.


Maybe you are wondering what I am laughing at; here it is plain and simple. I am laughing at my bargains I got at Walgreen’s.  You know I have already told you how much I love getting bargains, yesterday I brought home 6 tubes of toothpaste and some Axe Shampoo for men and the total was $7.32.  Now here’s the kicker, I paid nothing out of pocket, in couponers language that would be said nothing OOP.   Here is how I did it. . .I had 6 coupons for .75 off of Colgate Toothpaste and in Walgreen’s Easy Saver Book there is a $2.50 coupon on page 23, combining the Easy Saver coupon and the manufactures coupon gave me $3.25 off of the $3.49 purchase price so my toothpaste cost .24 each plus tax.  My Axe Shampoo is a rebate item this month and when I send in my rebate form I will get the price of $5.99 back so the shampoo will be free except the tax.  Now remember I told you I didn’t pay a thing OOP, that’s because I had rebate money on my gift card from last month.


Okay, Okay I know it sounds complicated and believe me I have paid a lot of tuition learning about coupons by the mistakes I have made but I am able to supply my family, shelters and other organizations with the good deals I get.


I know we are responsible for watching over the resources God has given us and this means our time, money and everything.  It is not always easy to be watchful but I have found it is fun and enables me to give back.


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  1. I’m right there with ya! Love those bargains!!! 🙂

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