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Meaningful and appropriate touch played an important part in the blessing given in Bible times.  If you read in Gen. 27:26 the story is unfolding about Isaac and his sons.  “Then his father Isaac said to him, ‘please come close and kiss me, my son’.”  Now remember Isaac was not speaking to a small child he was speaking to his adult son Jacob.  All through the Bible there are examples of touch and the placing of hands on someone as the part of a blessing.


Touch is very meaningful, it actually blesses us physically.  Every day, researchers are discovering information about the importance of touch. 


A Study was done at Purdue University—the librarians were asked to alternately touch and not touch the hands of students as they handed back their library cards.  The experimenters interviewed the students and they found those who had been touched reported far greater positive feelings about both the library and the librarian than those who were not touched.


Okay stay with me here—-so if touch was that effective on students in a library what about the people in our homes?  Touching children on the shoulder, holding hands with your spouse, stopping to ruffle someone’s hair (maybe not your wife’s or your boss) are small ways that you can change how others feel about you.


I believe parents must know that not giving meaningful touch to their children starves them of acceptance.


My precious little 6 year old grandson loves to wrestle with me.  Can you picture it in your minds eye, a sixty year old grandma wrestling with a 6 year old boy?  We have fun and he’s just about all I can handle.  I want to touch him, I want him to feel my love for him and I dread the day I have to tell him he’s too big or I am too old for a little wrestling match.


Let’s give our children or spouses the blessing of meaningful, appropriate touch.


Comments on: "ARE YOU A TOUCH ME NOT?" (2)

  1. Aron Chilson said:

    Hope you don’t mind a guy’s point of view. Touch is unbelievably important. I was blessed with a father that wasn’t to much of a man to hug and all that. Being a part of his boys life was one of the most important things to him and it was obvious even to us. And he kept it up through the teen year. I have been blessed with two daughters(an answer to prayer). What a gift! I just hope that I can make an impact on there life on what is important. It isn’t money. I use to think it was. It’s relationships. With God, spouse, kids, friends and people you meet out on the street(couldn’t help the rhyme). My girls faces light up when I come home they want me to pick them up and hug and kiss’m. It’s great. I don’t know who’s getting the bigger blessing! My life is changing I had the opportunity to preach in Florida over Thanksgiving about how God has swung my life around in the past year and a half. Four of us stood in the back and had our arms around each others shoulders praying for the Holy Spirit to bless the service with His presence. The interaction of the touch played a major role in the tingle that went down my spine as we prayed. Then tonight driving home(we live 30 miles out of town) my wife reaches over and puts her hand on my leg! Still makes the sparks fly after hmmmm 13yrs? She said I just need to touch you. But that’s the point! Touching it is more important than it would seem! And yes! Dave Ramsey is quite the guy.(ref to other Nancy blog on finance and contentment).

    • nancyoutlook said:

      Thanks for your comments and your daughters are blessed to have you as their dad.

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