A Life Worth Living by Nancy Buxton

Another L O L

Okay, I just love the excitement of spending very little money and getting fun things at the store.

Today I went to Walgreen’s and bought some Shimmering Lip Gloss paying $1.99 plus tax, I handed over a Register Reward I had gotten by purchasing a package of Scunci hair bands, I only paid a few cents for the tax.  Then I noticed the Colgate MaxWhite Toothbrushes for $3.49, I had a .75 coupon and $2.00 Register Reward from the lip gloss and got back $3.49 in Register Rewards, I actually made a little on this transaction, and to think I use to pay full price for a toothbrush.

My day consisted of teaching piano lessons, praying for my family and a special friend and picking up a few bargains.  I have yet to open my Bible and that makes me remember studying my Bible is best done the very first thing in the morning.


Comments on: "Another L O L" (1)

  1. I agree on the first thing in the morning! Once the day is going, my “to do” list gets in the way!

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