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Watching . . .

Do you like to watch people?  I sure do!  I never mind having a few hours between connections at the airport I just watch the people.

Yesterday I was at Dillard’s, they are having a great sale, 40% off the already 50% off items.  I love shoes!  I was, guess where, in the show department.  I over heard a conversation about shoes.  An older lady, about my age–oh that hurt–picked up a pair of very high heeled shoes.  She informed her friend that she just couldn’t wear those shoes with such high heels and then she said, “But I admire women who can.”  Admire women who can, what is there to admire about what kind of shoes others can wear.  Admire because someone is a hard worker, honest, bright, thoughtful, kind, loving  but not the kind of shoes they can wear.  I just thought it was an odd choice of words.

My next observation was at a garage sale.  You already know I love to go to garage sales and I sell books on Amazon.  As I saw a box of old books I naturally looked them over.  Then I asked the lady if she had ever check Amazon to see if any of the books were of value.  She informed me she didn’t know how to do that.  I told her it was easy and explained how to do it.  She sold the whole box to me for $6.00 and as she carried the books to the car for me she said, “I hope  you find a treasure in these.”  I could just tell this lady has the right out look on life.  She didn’t mind that she may have sold a treasure she was just happy doing what she was doing.

I really want to be like the second lady, I want to wish everyone well, I don’t want to covet or be jealous of what others do or have.  Max Lucado says it something like this, “It takes a team to have a good life and be sure you applaud your teammates.”  That is not word for word but you get the point.  Let’s applaud those around us, lets admire others for the right reasons.

You may not hear from me for a few days as I will be at a leadership retreat in Colorado.  I will see you when I get back. 

Oh you want to know how the weigh in went today–up 1/2 pound ugh!! Am I discouraged?  Nope not yet but I could eat a piece of cardboard right now, I am hungry.

Thursday Again. . .

This recipe comes from my daughter in love—she is a great cook.  She claims she is not fond of  cooking but you would never know it because everything she makes is really yummy.  She is a careful cook, by this I mean she follows the recipe and it always looks so perfect.  I am more of a quick, sloppy cook and my food is good but never pretty.

I would make these for dinner tonight but they aren’t on “the plan”.  Are you asking how the plan is going? Wellllllllllllllllllllllll, last Friday I was down 2 more pounds, on Monday as they say, I maintained.  I will weigh on Thursday this week because I am headed to Rocky Mountain for women’s ministries.  Oh you want to know the grand total?  By my scale 24 pounds–seems slow I know, it does to me too.  Am I discouraged?  Not yet!

Choplets Parmigiana

3 Tbs. Butter

1 15 oz. Can Tomato Sauce

1/2 Cup Cornflake Crumbs

1/4 Cup Parmesan Cheese

1 egg beaten

1 Can Choplets

1 tsp. Oregano

1/2 tsp. Sugar

1/2 tsp. Onion Powder

8 Slices Provolone Cheese

Melt butter in 9 x 13 baking dish–I use Pam–Combine crumbs and Parmesan cheese.  Dip choplets in egg then crumb mixture.  Place in baking dish.  Bake for 15 min turn chops over and bake another 15 minutes.

In sauce pan combine tomato sauce, oregano, sugar, onion powder and heat to boiling and pour over choplets top each choplet with a slice of Provolone.  Return to oven for about 3 minutes.  Serve over buttered noodles.

Here We Go Again. . .

As I look over this blog the posts you like to read the most are the ones on finance.  This is a surprise to me, I thought you would rather read about marriage, women’s ministries or prayer.  Nope, you are very interested in finances.  Oh I know you love prayer, family stuff and ministry but you are really into finance.

I am not great at finance but I can tell you a couple of things I have done to help mine out.

1.  I changed banks, I found a bank that will pay 5% interest on my checking account up to $25,000 balance.  There are some things I have to do but I don’t mind electronic banking, on-line bill paying and using my debt card 13 times a month.  It is worth the extra interest to do these things.

2.  I reason things out before I make the plunge. Think about need compared to want and I usually don’t buy.

3.  I have planned to save 10 percent of what I earn this year and maybe more.

4. I give money freely to those  in need and gladly give my tithe and offering.  I have never missed any money I have given away, that is amazing to me but it is true.

5.  I have established an emergency fund that I can easily get to if I need the money.

6.  I (we) paid cash for a good used car this year

7.  We added $15,000.00 to our house payment this summer. (I know what you are thinking. . .at her age it should be paid for)  Well it was until we got the wild hair to build a new house.

8.  I am on the weight loss plan to be healthier, that should save money in the long run.

Retirement is getting closer, I really never want to retire, I would be very bored.  I love this story from Dave Ramsey’s book.

Investing for retirement in the context of a Total Money Makeover doesn’t necessarily mean investing to quit your job.  If you hate your career change it.  Do something that you like.

Harold Fisher is one hundred years old.  He works five days a week at the architectural firm he founded.  Mr. Fisher doesn’t work because he needs money, not by a long shot.  He works because he finds joy in what he does.  He is a designer of churches.  His favorite saying is, “People who retire early, die early.” “If I retired, what would I do?” he asks.  Harold Fisher is financially secure and able to do what he wants, and that defines retirement.

Dave recommends you develop a five year game plan for transitioning into what God designed you to do, but don’t wait until it is too late to do what you love.

Working With My Man. . .



Well, we just finished cleaning out and defrosting the freezer, TOGETHER! 

Have I told you Bob is a perfectionist and I am not.  Is that enough information?  Thought so.  He is melancholy-phlegmatic and I am Sanguaine-Choleric, need I say more.

Here is how it went.  We opened the door and turned off the freezer, we emptied the freezer and all of that went well.  Next I noticed he was tugging at the freezer, I was wondering if he intended to move it to clean under it.  Nope, he was taking it to the sun.  Ugh that, to me was odd.  He must have decided it was too, because he left it.  He put the fan blowing on it and I watched the water pour out of the little spout being sure it didn’t run over the container.

We did really well until I thought I had wiped it to perfection (mine not his) and he said, “Would you wipe around this light?”  I said, “It really needs it.”  He said, “you always degrade me.”  That didn’t feel so good to me, because I had to admit sometimes I do. It’s my personality!  But, wait a minute is my personality a good enough reason to number 1 degrade and number 2 not submit?

Submitting to my husband is one of the hardest things for me.  I admit it right here and now.  How can I submit when I think I am right?  Yet often it really doesn’t matter if  I’m right I just want my own way. Read Ephesians 5 and Colossians 3, I have some praying to do.

Well, there you have it Sunday morning at my house.  We are still friends, he is puttering, getting things just right in the garage after the freezer cleaning and I am writing to you.  Thanks for listening.

THE BUZZZzzzzzzzzz!

Yesterday, in church, I noticed something!

First I have to tell you our air conditioning unit no longer works, it not only doesn’t work it can’t be fixed.  It was going to cost somewhere around $250,000 for a new unit.  Suddenly a new unit was available for around $150,000 because the company who ordered it is no longer in business.  (Now don’t hold me to the exact details, my personality can’t deal with exactness)  If you know what I mean. God is good to us, another whole study could be done on is He good to the company who went bankrupt. We will save that for another time.

 So Lincoln, Nebraska–July–summer–spells  warm  no hot  no very hot. We have moved our church services to Heartland Hall, the new addition we added a couple of years ago.

Here is where the buzzzzzzzz comes in, in this less formal setting people are talking, they are visiting, they are warm and friendly.  They turn their chairs around and visit with their neighbor.  It was thrilling to watch as my church came alive with fellowship.  It brings tears to my eyes when I think of how formal and dignified we must feel in the sanctuary, so much so that we can’t chat, laugh and be friendly.

I am praying that when we move back into the sanctuary we will somehow take this new found freedom with us.

Creation Calls, Are You Listening?

Can you see God in creation?  I really believe when we expose ourselves to nature we are exposing ourselves to God.  Can’t you see Him in the butterfly, the flowers and the waterfalls.  I love this video!

Are You Getting Ready?

I can feel the excitement building!  You may be wondering what I am talking about!  Women’s Ministries, of course.  We have a great year planned for Women’s Ministries at my church.  Do you have any thing going on at your church?  I sure hope you do, because Women’s Ministries is a perfect way to invite your neighbors, friends, family and members that perhaps you have not seen for a while, to something special.

At my church we have several things going on.  We have women’s Bible studies, mom’s groups and Women in Touch.

Why not plan an event?  You don’t have to “go all out,” you could make this an evening of great decorations, dessert and a good speaker or program.  You just need something your members will be pleased to invite their friends to attend.  Make this event not about doctrine but about Jesus! 

I would love to help you plan something, please leave a comment on this blog if you need some ideas.

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