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The Parties Have Started


Notice the centerpiece and the favors

Notice the centerpiece and the favors

Another Table

Another Table


Last evening was our first women’s ministries event of the season.  The theme was County Fair and the featured speaker was Mary Porter and her friend Susie Q.  Susie Q is a puppet and a very funny one at that. Susie Q reminded us that God didn’t make junk and we are all precious in His sight.

October WIT 004

I am amazed how many ladies from the community show up on the very first Women In Touch of the season.  They are always so tickled to be back.

The theme of the country fair was so cute. The favors were especially festive.  I have pictures for you so you can get the idea. The only thing we were missing was the mid-way and Susie Q was quick to point that out.

I know you are wondering about the food. We had burgers with the fixin’s, chips, carrots and celery sticks and brownies for dessert. We fried burgers for 2 hours and I carried that smell with me all day.  The brownies were put on raised cake plates which looked so very cute.  I also know you are wondering if I had a brownie–I didn’t.  It was all I could do but I ate the burger, 1/2 of the bun and the fixin’s, no cheese (we forgot to put it out), no carrot sticks and no brownie.  I weigh in today.October WIT 015

This program is such a blessing to the ladies who come and if you are interested in getting something like this started in your church, I would love to help you.


Comments on: "The Parties Have Started" (4)

  1. It WAS a blessing! I was there. Brought a friend from the community who also enjoyed herself. Wouldn’t it be neat if other townS and cities in our Union would get a team of dedicated workers and be this big of a blessing to their communities?

  2. nancyoutlook said:

    Glad you had a nice time. There are several Women in Touch programs around the country. Angel and I have traveled many places and given seminars on Women in Touch. It is exactly what you said, it takes a dedicated bunch of people to do it. As I looked at our team this year I noticed we are all getting older and I wondered how long can we do it and who will take over. Women in Touch will be 18 years old in March.

  3. The pictures look great! Sounds fun!

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