A Life Worth Living by Nancy Buxton

‘Tis the Season or Is It?

This is the season that everyone should be happy, jolly, giddy and well just plain soaring with joy.  Right?

Wrong!  I hear of so many people who are depressed about one thing or another, especially this time of year.

What I have noticed is God’s goodness and mercy come in many packages and many sizes, but they follow us every day.  Whether we’ve passed through many hard times or just a few, no day given to any believer following Jesus lacks at least these TWO blessings.

If you have faced many trials on this earth, one day, when you reach heaven, you’ll understand that God saved the best for last–eternity.  If your life has been a smoother life, will you be disappointed with your heavenly reward–never!  God gives us different lives and blessings, designed just for us.

Those blessings provide goodness and mercy on earth and continued joy in heaven.  So enjoy your blessings of goodness and mercy and look to Him for the joy.  Spend time with Him every day!


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