A Life Worth Living by Nancy Buxton

Another Party!


We sold the centerpieces!


I so meant to post this earlier but it seems I have had more pressing things to say.  You know like the story of Bud, or the New Year ideas, or a hundred other things I haven’t even gotten around to telling you. 

DeeAnn Bragaw's title was "The Silver Sled"


In December, Women in Touch was just a lovely event.  We never know about the weather but we knew that day, it was as snowy and cold as it could be and yet the ladies came.  Over 250 ladies came to the church just because we were throwing our monthly party. 

This is the one time a month you will find many community ladies coming to the church to join in fellowship with ladies from my church.  We greet, laugh, chat, eat and listen, we love each other and we have become kindred spirits. 

The theme was Christmas of course!


I hope you have something going on at your church for women.  You know I have said it before and I’ll  say it again, women need the friendship of other women.  

 If you need help figuring out what to do just contact me, nancybee47@yahoo.com I will be happy to help you get start.  You just need a little planning, a great devotion,  a few lovely decorations, some yummy food and a speaker or event that will make the ladies want to come back again.    Well, that’s not all you need, you need to pray about it too.  That is the biggest thing, ask the Lord to help you. 

We never don’t use this party as a time to preach or teach doctrine unless someone asks.  But, it is a party with a purpose.  We want to draw others to Jesus. 

Each table decoration was different


We have another Women in Touch February 1, it’s  a spa theme, this will be the first time we have done anything like this before.  We have a wonderful Spiritual devotional planned.  We have made over 350 neck warmers, that will be the favors. We have several women coming to talk about skin care, relaxation and spa treatments.  Sounds silly don’t you think?  But, in the middle of February I think it will be fun to have a little silliness. 

If you have forgotten what Women in Touch is go here for another look, https://nancyoutlook.wordpress.com/2009/10/06/the-parties-have-started/  

For the rest of this year we meet the first Monday night of February, March, April and May at 6:30 pm.  y’all Come, Ya Hear?


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