A Life Worth Living by Nancy Buxton


I don’t have a sister.  I use to ask my mom and dad for a sister but they wouldn’t discuss that with me.  After all, my brother was 8 years old than me.

Today I am in Orlando, yup it’s warm, I even wore sandels yesterday.  You may be wondering what I’m doing here.  It’s a Women’s Ministries meeting, the 8 North American Union Directors are here and the NAD Director is the fearless leader.  Can you imagine 10 women  in the same meeting room for 2 solid days? We don’t always agree but we are sisters and in the end we remain friends.

This is a once a year meeting and we discuss reporting, scholarships, communication, stipends, General Conference Session, mentoring and other subjects.

I always hate leaving my man, it’s no fun.  I cooked several things for him, I even cooked a stew using MEAT.  I never cook with meat at home but he does like it and so he got a treat.  He took me to the airport at 4:45 AM and I am thankful.


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