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The Samaritan

Would you like to be called the Samaritan?  I guess it would depend on where you live.  If you haven’t read the book, Three Cups of Tea, you must.  It is by Greg Mortenson who is called a Samaritan.  Greg authored Three Cups of Tea and Stones into Schools.  He is the founder of Pennies for Peace and has established more than 131 schools in rural Pakistan and Afghanistan.

I like the way Greg thinks, this is what he says: “It’s sad to see people spending thousands trying to find themselves.  You can find great joy by serving others, and you don’t have to devote your whole life to it.  Practice doing one good deed a day.  Help an old lady, a neighbor, a new kid in school–make it a habit.  After a while, you’ll be doing amazing things.” 

Do you know it is Biblical to serve others?  Yup we are to help others,  after all doesn’t the Bible say to love our neighbor?

Lemon Cake

 1 Lemon Cake Mix

Make the cake according to the package

When cool spread one can of lemon pie filling or make your own pie filling


Whip 3 egg whites until stiff

Boil 1 cup sugar and 4 Tbs. water, stirring and when this gets thready pour it over the egg whites that have been beaten and mix well.  This will cook the eggs whites and when it is cool pour it on the top of cake.  This is also called a seven minute frosting.

Happy Birthday

I had to give my birthday wishes over the phone.  It just isn’t fair, do I sound like a child?  Sometimes I feel like a child, what does the Bible say?  Once a man and twice a child, I’m there.  April 25 is the day I became a mom, I didn’t know the joy that little boy would bring to my life, I only knew I loved him before he was born.  In my eyes he has been a perfect son!  I wonder if God feels the same about me or about you?  Have you ever thought of that?

This is an old post but for my newest readers I think it is worth the read it is about letting go of your most precious possession.

My Boy has turned into a man, oh he still has that boyish look, that smile that melts my heart but he IS a man, he even shaves (inside joke).  He has a kind heart, he is a great husband and father, fun loving and sweet.  I am his mother but I don’t think I’m bias–he is just that way.

I remember when he finished college and was headed to Seattle to work for Boeing, I couldn’t stand it.  His father and I went on a trip and left his sister home to take care of seeing him off.  I just couldn’t bear to see him turn the corner and drive away, it brings tears to my eyes now as I think about it. Little did I know. . .

That he would make us (his parents) seem like exotic travelers, which we aren’t but because of him we are.  He had the nerve to move his precious wife and children to the other side of the world.  That’s right, a 27 hour plane ride.  It never crossed my mind that he would ever live half way around the world from me. When he moved to Seattle, single (have I told you I found his sweet wife for him?) and alone, I recall telling him if I live to be 70 years old I will probably only see him a certain number of time, silly I know but that’s how I felt. 

Why am I telling you this?  I want you to think about letting go, sometimes it is difficult, especially for mom’s to let their boy soar.  Do it!  As a parent it is our job to raise our children to fly away.  Be happy for them, be excited for them and support their decision.  You see life is hard and we each need people in our corner who support us and believe in us, as a mom this is part of our job. Don’t hang on, don’t tie him to your apron string and don’t keep him tied when he gets married.  It’s  Biblical, a man shall cleave to his wife not his mother or father. (Gen. 2:24, Matt. 19:5, Mark 10:1)  I like the word cleave it sounds perfect for a man and woman to cleave.

Would I love to have him and his family living next door, I sure would, but I am happy for them.  They love what they are doing and where they live, and I want to give them the support they need from me.

So dear mom and dad, when it’s time let go, let that precious boy soar and be happy that you raised him to do it.My boy and his boy

Reviewing the Blog

For those of you who don’t know much about blogs, there is a thing called My Dashboard.  My Dashboard tells me all kinds of things.  It tells me how many people looks  at the blog each day, it tells me what was the most popular post for the week.  There is even a graph to show the activity each day. For instance today 96 of you read the blog.  Thanks. LOL

It has been a constant amazement to me that one post no matter how long ago it was written always shows up as having been read over and over again.  It is the post, “Oh No Do I Have To?”  Finally I decided to investigate   what brings people to that post.  I think I have found the answer it is the tag (that’s the words at the end of post).  The tag tells what the article  or post is about.  This one is about self-control.

SELF-CONTROL–is everyone just like me?  Are we all looking for self-control for one reason or another?  I know it’s Biblical, I know it’s what’s good for me and yet it eludes me almost every day.  Sickening isn’t it?

This brings me to the subject of my weight AGAIN.  Okay I know I hinted that I am on some kind of wagon, and I am.  I just finished day two of Weight Watchers.  Here is what I know:  l.  I am just like a drunkard only my problem is food 2.  Sometimes I have self-control but most of the time I don’t          3.  I seem to need a support group to keep me on track   4.  I can never see 208 pounds spin around on that scale again–oh no did I just tell you what I weighed when I started the process?  I think I did.

In the next few weeks I plan to study more about self-control, I will let you know what I find.  In the next few days I will tell you how I decided to try Weight Watchers AGAIN.

The Find

A couple of weekend’s ago Bob found a purse similar to this one.  He found it in a parking lot and when he rummaged through the purse he found it contained a lot of money.  He also found a drivers license of a 90 some year old woman and a cell phone.  He started calling the numbers on the cell phone and found the daughter of the 90-year-old and told her that he thought he had a purse belonging to her mother.

He took the purse to the daughter she gave him $100 for being honest.  She wanted his phone number and name so she could tell her mother who lives about 100 miles from Lincoln. 

The mother called and talked to Bob for about 30 minutes about how thankful she was to have the purse back.  She had been riding with the daughter who lives with her. The purse actually belonged to the daughter.  She had put it on top of the car as she helped her mother buckle up.  When they realized the purse was gone they looked for over 2 hours and finally gave up and drove the 100 miles back home without the purse stuffed with money.

During the phone call the daughter asked if we would go to lunch with them the next time they came to Lincoln because they wanted to treat us to a meal and meet the honest man who returned the purse.

Friday was the big day.  We met at Village Inn, they hugged and kissed us several times, invited us to come to Schyler to spend the night at their home and promised to stay in touch.  We visited for at least 2 hours and at that we were all reluctant to say good-bye.

We told them Bob donated the $100 to our school for classroom renovation.  They wanted to know what church we attend.  They wanted Bob to go to the TV station with them so they could tell the story and have it on TV.  LOL  I heard him say, he doesn’t like publicity and really didn’t want to do that.  They just wanted to really show how much they appreciated getting their money back.  The mother let us know from now on she will be carrying her own checkbook.  Teasing of course.

It was a good day, they were grateful to know there are still honest people in this world and we were blessed to have met such real people.  There were no pretenses it was just all ordinary people brought together under an odd circumstance.  A black purse filled with money.

No Time

LOL!   Isn’t this the story of our life, NO TIME?  I am tired of it, I want time to do the important things.  I want time to read, sew, garage sale. . .oh that’s what I do.  Could it be I love to do too many things?  I have to think that over.  Do I need to cut out some of the things I enjoy?  I think I do.  UGH–WHAT?  Just what do I stop doing?  Really it is another case of self-control, and you already know I have trouble with that.

Have you wondered about my weight?  The scale is going the wrong way, and I have a new plan of attack.  I’m not ready to tell you yet what that plan is.  I’m not sure why, except maybe I don’t want to tell you just in case I fail.  Or maybe I just want to wait and see.  Or. . . .hummmm I think I really am afraid of failure on this plan.  I will tell you soon.

I have several things to share with you but NO TIME today.  I want to show you my sewing project and let you know how it’s coming.  I want to tell you about the finding of the purse and what happened after that.

For now I am giving you this recipe.  If you have ever wanted to experiment with tofu this is a great recipe.

Tofu manicotti

2 Water pack firm Tofu-drain the water and crumble

1/8 Cup Canola oil or less

1 1/2 Cup onion saute in above oil

1 T lemon juice

2 T Nutritional Yeast Flakes — I like about 4 T

1 T Honey

2 t salt

1/2 t garlic powder–I like 1 t

1/4 cup parsley

Mix all this together and stuff in two packages of manicotti shells.  Use your favorite red sauce to pour over the top or you could use a white cheese sauce. Cook the noodles before stuffing don’t over cook them, you can make this the night before and bake at 300 for 30 min and then reheat the next day.

No Flowers For Me

This is a little information I hate to tell but you already know I am pretty much an open book.  Being an open book is not always good and I have tried to become a little more discreet in my  information.  But, I have to tell you about the flowers because I know there is a lesson to be learned.

My friend’s husband brings her flowers most every Friday.  In my opinion, over the years I I I I I certainly deserve flowers every Friday but never get them.  I have even let it be known, in front of my man, that I never get flowers.  I mean it has been years since HE brought home a little bunch of flowers.

Sooooooooooooooooooo there is a store here in Lincoln that has a really nice bouquet for $5 on Friday and my friend’s husband always gets her 2 bunches–$10.  A couple of weekend’s ago I decided to stop and buy myself one measly bunch of flowers.  I brought them home and put them in a vase.  Secretly probably thinking this would make HIM feel a little bad that he didn’t bring them.  He didn’t say a word.

When we came home from the Friday evening meeting, on the counter I found two $5 Friday specials.  I squealed with delight asking my fella if he had bought them for me——-NO, he didn’t.  I quickly realized our friends have a key to the house and I knew where the flowers came from.

A week and a half  later the flowers are still on my counter, I weed out the wilted ones everyday and change the water and I have certainly enjoyed the gift of flowers.  If you’re wondering if I have gotten flowers from Bob the answer is no.  I would guess in his own sweet time he will get some because he wants to not because I have badgered him into getting them.

Sooooooooooooooo where is the punch line you may be asking?  Well, maybe I’m making more of this than I should but here goes.  First I tried to get what I wanted by badgering, then I just got what I wanted by getting it myself.  What  I really enjoyed was the surprise of the gift.  Now you know where I’m going don’t you.  The GIFT. 

The GIFT–we may try to work things out on our own but it will usually be inferior.  It’s the gift, the thing we don’t do anything for other than accept it.  The GIFT that Jesus gave us, we can’t buy it our self, we can’t even badger Him into giving it to us because it is already ours.

IDK maybe I am off base but it makes sense to me.

Forgive and Forget

Last week I heard such a great sermon.  It was about getting rid of the stuff.  You know the stuff we keep playing over and over in our mind.  Do you have any stuff?  I do.  I am still haunted by some of the things I said or did in college.

I remember well the time a “boy” asked me out and this is what I said, “Oh, I think you should just ask someone else, I’m not interested.”  Was that rude or what.  Here’s the thing every time I see this person I want to hide, I feel bad.  I happened again last weekend.  He was here for alumni, I wanted to hide.  As it turned out he is a very nice successful man today, he seems kind and gentle.  What in my pea sized brain made me think I was so much better?  IDK  My guess is he has never given it a second thought, he is always nice and very friendly but IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII think of it every time I see him.

So how about it, let’s just get rid of the odd memories that keep floating around in our head, ask the Lord to forgive us and move along.  Life is short and there is not much time for swirling around old stuff, that’s for sure.

Pudding Delight

1 stick oleo

1/2 Cup chopped nuts optional

                                                                                                            1 1/4 Cup flour

8 0z. Cream Cheese

1 Cup powdered sugar

1 12 oz. Cool Whip

2 Small pkgs Instant Pudding Mix (your choice)

3 cups milk–don’t use soy it won’t thicken up

Melt oleo in 9 x 13 pan, pur in flour and mix well, pat in bottom of pan with hands.

Bake 350 degrees for 20 minutes.  Cool 15 minutes.  Mix cream cheese, sugar and a little less than 1/2 cool whip.  Spread over cooled crust and let set 20 minutes.  Mix pudding with milk, ship until thickened, spread over cheese mixture.  Top with remaining cool whip. Chill

All Done

This is an old recipe I use to make when we were first married and then I lost it.  A couple of weeks ago someone brought it to potluck.

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