A Life Worth Living by Nancy Buxton

I Have Another Question

Does prayer change anything?  I’m confused and I must confess I have had this confusion for a length of time.  Here’s how I see it, if God is all knowing (in other words if God already knows what is going to happen) why pray?  Or how about this, if everything happens according to God’s will, and he has willed a certain thing, then can prayer change it?  IDK

Some say it has nothing to do with God, prayer  changes the person praying.  That may be true but what if I want it to change God’s mind?

I have a friend who just found out she has a cyst, I am praying for her.  Please Lord don’t let it be cancer!  Am I changing anything?  Again IDK.

I do know if we look at stories in the Bible God is affected by people.  Jonah, Abraham, Sarah, Hannah, I mean God certainly answered each of these. I read things like, “ask and it shall be given to you”–that’s what I want to believe but I have seen too many times when it wasn’t true.

My only conclusion is this, God answers90 in his time, in his way.  He knows what is best and I hope on some occasions God can be swayed.  If he isn’t swayed by prayer I have to believe he has a very good reason.  Now am I just finding an easy way out or do you think this is a fact?

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