A Life Worth Living by Nancy Buxton

The Dress

Do you remember the post, “Because She Wants it?”  It was about a dress my granddaughter wanted to me make along with a dress just like it for her doll. It took  me a long time to find just the right fabric and then to my dismay the silky fabric was a nightmare to sew and it ended up in the trash.

Finally I found some more fabric that was cotton and started to work on the dress.  It has been years since I have put in a zipper much less made a sleeveless dress.  However, when the grandkids want something I do my best to make it happen.

I was very excited this weekend to give Jenna the dresses for her birthday.  The gift was carefully wrapped.  When she opened it she was surprised because she had forgotten she had asked for it.

I had fun making these little dresses, not because I like to sew clothing.  I hate to sew clothing, I hate to make things fit, I hate having to be so careful.  But, I love Jenna and I love to give her gifts that make her smile.

I know you are getting my drift. . .You have heard it before but I am just going to remind you once more.  God the Father loves to give us gifts too, actually even more than I love to give Jenna gifts.  I know I am being rather simple here, but how come we don’t catch on when it really is so simple.  God gave us the gift of His son, what a gift and we don’t even get the reason the gift was given.

I hope you will spend some time studying about God and the reason Jesus died for us.  I hope you understand it in just a small way.  What ever the reason Jesus had to die, it provided the gift of salvation for you and for me.


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  1. Thanks for taking the precious time to make these dresses for Jenna! It was fun to see her wear it and not want to take it off! 🙂 What a fun memory for her! You are a wonderful Mar Mar!

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