A Life Worth Living by Nancy Buxton

The Little Things

I have said this before and I’ll  say it again–People are funny.  Actually it has been kind of interesting having a bandage on my nose.  I know you may not understand especially if  you aren’t sanguine.  Since sanguinis like to be the center of attention we will do and go most any place just to have a chance to chat, and a bandage gave me an edge.

Back to the nose, some people talk and talk and never say one word about “the nose.”  Now I know they see it but they are polite, they figure the right thing to do is be quiet.  Others the minute they see me they ask about my nose and proceed to tell me they had something taken off some place on their body.  My piano students, they are the funny ones, most of them ask if I fell down. LOL

This wound is just a little thing compared to what others are going through.  For me it’s big because it’s on my nose. Compared to my friends Joe, Leon and Shelly, who are all fighting cancer, my nose is nothing. 

If you are praying for someone will you please add my friends to your list?  Prayer is mighty and I know God answers.  Perhaps if we combine our prayers God will hear us even better.  Do you believe that?  IDK


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