A Life Worth Living by Nancy Buxton

Another Good-Bye

It seems we have had a lot of good-bye’s lately.  My husband was the child of an old man.  Bob’s father was 56 when Bob was born.  Bob had a brother 9 years older and Brother George was the one who taught Bob most of the things a father would teach.  Bob and George were not only brothers they were friends.

George was a funny man.  By this I mean both odd and humorous.  He had many friends and didn’t know a stranger.  Most of his friends were a little “off”, by this I mean irregular people, but aren’t most of us a little irregular?  George had a laugh that could be recognized a mile away.  He was a very talented man, he could fix anything.  He was a sign painter by trade and painted free hand.  He was a mountain man who kept his toothbrush on the dashboard of his pick-up.  He loved to hunt, fish and be in the mountains.  He preferred taking a bath only when he really thought he need one otherwise he considered himself odorless.  His words not mine.

He gave most everyone he knew a nick name–Bob’s was Bo-Diddles. Our son John’s nick name was Chief.  George had 5 wishes for the end of his life I only know two.  One is to be buried be his grandparents and the other is to have John read a paper he wrote while in college called, “My Uncle.”  We are on the hunt for that paper.

George will be missed and we look forward to seeing him again soon when Jesus comes.


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  1. Nicely written – hope Dad enjoys reading it!

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