A Life Worth Living by Nancy Buxton

This week our pastor told a story about a piano.  Mind you, I was not in church this week–I am sick.  UGH  A church had decided to replace their piano, it was very, very old and not very pretty any more.  They contacted a piano store and they were delighted to find the store was willing to sell them a new piano, beautiful and shiny, for about half price.  They were also willing to give them $4,000 for the old piano. 

The congregation was surprised at how great of a deal this seemed to be but it had to go through a committee before they made a decision.  In the mean time the store came back to them and offered them $6,000 for the piano because they thought it was worth at least that.  Not much later the store came back and offered them more money for the piano saying they thought when they refinished it they could make a little more money on it. 

Finally the congregation decided to call the Steinway Company to just see what the value was.  The piano was one of the first Steinway’s made and was worth a great deal of money.  Guess what?  The church decided to keep the piano.  Now that they know the value they value the piano.

I love this story, it makes me think of Jesus and the fact if we just knew the value we would spend more time with HIM.

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