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Abuse and Other Things

You know I just returned from a leadership retreat in Colorado.  I was the speaker for church.  Hummmmmmmm I have to tell you once I know what I am going to say I love to preach, speak and talk about the Lord.

This sermon was different, it was on abuse.  Women’s Ministries has designated the last Sabbath in August to abuse prevention.  This means that every church in North America should be doing something on abuse that Sabbath or if that date is not workable then do it another Sabbath.  Have you ever heard a sermon on abuse?  Neither have I except when I preach it.

There are some startling statistics about abuse.  How about this one–one in three girls and one in five boys are sexually assaulted before their 18th birthday.  80-90% of child sex offenders are known to their victim.  Every 2 minutes at least 8 women in the US are severely injured by their husbands or boyfriends.

My sisters the story of the Good Samaritan certainly gives us an example of what to do when we see someone suffering.  I am asking you to listen to your friends, if they need help get them to someone who can help them.  Tell your friend you will pray for her and then do it. Be a safe person for her to tell her story.  What do I mean by safe?  Don’t repeat what you are told, don’t ever repeat it to anyone unless it has to do with a child and it is happening now, then you have to tell the proper authorities.  The telling of the story is a part of healing, we can’t heal without telling the story.

The pictures are of the retreat under the leadership of Ginger Bell.

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