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Words Aren’t Enough. . .

I hope your Christmas was glorious, fun, Spiritual and filled with love for each other and God.

Mine was funny, surprising, fun, snowy and Spiritual, what more could I ask for?  I still smile when I think of Jenna opening a gift and saying with a questioning look on her face, “but I don’t remember asking for this.”

A snowy Christmas!

I know you are wondering two things:  How much weight did I gain and the big question, what did my man get me for Christmas?

First, the weight, I felt really big on the way home especially since we stopped and I had a Candy Cane Blizzard all to myself.  I gained about 4 ounces over Christmas.  I am on the wagon today, we do have some candy in the house, I am planning to stay out of it.  I am actually thinking of sending it to work with Bob.  But, it is sooooooooooooooo good.

The Huskers play in a bowl game this week, and then there is New Year’s Eve, I can see eating in my future.  How about you, how did you do over the holiday?

Can you tell I am avoiding telling you what my fella got me for Christmas?  https://nancyoutlook.wordpress.com/2009/12/09/another-surprise/. Well, it was not another stuffed bear.  You know I was waiting with great anticipation.

Here is how it played out.  I had taken the envelope downstairs to the wrapping table.  I wondered if he would remember it, mean of me I know, but I had decided not to remind him.  At the last minute he ran downstairs and wrapped it up and put it in the car.

Jenna, in her Laura Engles dress and bonnet I made for her.

Christmas morning the kids had opened about all they could stand and we decided to eat breakfast and then open some more.  Quick as a wink, Bob jumped up and grabbed his present to me and said, “open it.”  All eyes were on the quickly wrapped package.  My hands were trembling (not really), I ripped the wrapping open and it was a  . . . . . . . . . . . . .KJV electronic Bible.

Here is the surprise!

This is what I am thankful for: He took the time to buy me something he thought I would enjoy.  He thought a Bible was something I would enjoy.  He was excited about the gift.  He loves me enough to venture out and buy something I had not asked for.  He bought it without help from anyone.

It will be handy for my purse and I will keep studying on how to use it. King James is not my favorite version of the Bible but I will use this gift with warm feelings for my man.

There has to be a Spiritual lesson here somewhere, could it be that I am not always thrilled with the gifts God gives me, but with every gift there is a lesson to be learned and a growing of character and mind?

Merry CHRISTmas!

The gifts are wrapped and the mystery gift is in the car, we are headed south.  I just want to remind you of the story of that baby long ago and his precious young mother.  Don’t forget the father who took them to safety and watched over the family.  What I want you to remember is that fact that we serve a risen Savior.  How exciting is that?  It is worth getting excited about because without our Savior where would we be?  There would be nothing in the future for us, but even more than that we would find no peace, no comfort, we would be living an empty life. 

If you are feeling a little empty right now, draw near to Him, lean on Him, call on His name.

Merry CHRISTmas my friends.

‘Tis the Season or Is It?

This is the season that everyone should be happy, jolly, giddy and well just plain soaring with joy.  Right?

Wrong!  I hear of so many people who are depressed about one thing or another, especially this time of year.

What I have noticed is God’s goodness and mercy come in many packages and many sizes, but they follow us every day.  Whether we’ve passed through many hard times or just a few, no day given to any believer following Jesus lacks at least these TWO blessings.

If you have faced many trials on this earth, one day, when you reach heaven, you’ll understand that God saved the best for last–eternity.  If your life has been a smoother life, will you be disappointed with your heavenly reward–never!  God gives us different lives and blessings, designed just for us.

Those blessings provide goodness and mercy on earth and continued joy in heaven.  So enjoy your blessings of goodness and mercy and look to Him for the joy.  Spend time with Him every day!

The Surprise II

Have you been wondering about the surprise I told you about.  Me too!  My man has now told both of our children what’s in the brown envelope that arrived two days ago. 

Let me describe that envelope to you–it is brown, about 11×14 and came from Heartland–what’s that?  The envelope is not full and the object does not bend.  That’s all I know.

The envelope stayed on the kitchen counter until I couldn’t take it any longer so I moved it downstairs to the wrapping table.

I asked my daughter if she thinks I will like it, she didn’t exactly assure me that I would.  She was noncommittal.

There you have it–what do you think?

Another Surprise

This is the season for secrets and surprises.  I don’t know if you remember my story about my man and his gift giving?  Remember the big surprise under the tree that I was so excited about and it turned out to be a great big stuffed Christmas bear?  Well, join me in the new Christmas saga.

We don’t say much about Christmas we just get the decorations up and I start wrapping gifts that I have been gathering all year-long.  Finally this morning I asked, “What do you want for Christmas?”  Now mind you I have already gotten his gift and it is under the tree.  He said exactly what I thought he would say, “I don’t want anything.”  Now what do you think he would do if I got him what he wants–nothing? 

He then said, “Oh, your Christmas present will be arriving in the mail this week.”  HA!  I was shocked, in the mail!  He has actually ordered something for me!  I said, “Really, where is it coming from?”  He let me know he saw a catalog and found something he just knows I am going to love.  Oh boy, what if I don’t just love it?  I am nervous, excited and curious.  Can you blame me?

Well time will tell what he has come up with.  We don’t believe in just saying, “Oh let’s get new carpet and call it our Christmas present to each other.”  What fun is that?  You are going to carpet if you need to but where is the element of surprise, the element of putting your self out a little and coming up with SOMETHING–if it is only a chocolate covered peppermint stick.  At least it is a surprise that you gave some thought to.

I will keep you posted on the package maybe you can help me guess what it is.

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