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Everyone Wants to Be in Control

We all seek to control our lives, our careers, relationships and most everything else.  If we can get control we should have a better life.  So they say.

Rylin made her choice umbrella, sandals, and upside down sunglasses.

Fact:  My life is the result of all the choices I have made.  IF I can control the process of choosing, I can take control of my life.  IDK this sounds complicated to me.

The purpose of this book is to explore the choosing process, to help me understand how it wors, and then to arm me with a tool that will enable me to see the consequences of my choices.

Then the book says: “That’s all there is to it.”

I will keep you posted as I wade through this little book–I have a hunch they have left out one important part–prayer.  Pray about everthing.

What about my weight I pray about that, and then I eat.  Hummmmmmmm I think I will read the book.  God gave me the power of choice perhaps I can find a clue on making good choices.

Not Again!

I grew up with a father that had a quick temper.  My dad’s last name was Simpson.  So when any one in our family would “fly off the handle” we would always claim that their Simpson was coming out.

Well, I have worked on my Simpson.  I have spent time in prayer and have really tried to control my temper Simpson.  But, wouldn’t you know it, today while I was getting ready to put my first batch of cookies in the oven, I dumped them all over the bottom of the hot oven.  Guess what? My Simpson reared its ugly head.  I even said a bad word.

Just when I thought the better part of me was finally in control!  When Bob got home from work I told him the whole story, bad word and all.  He just smiled.  That’s the way he is.

 Have you wondered about my weight?  I am still holding my own.  The pattern seems to be  I watch what I eat all week  and on Friday I let up.  I am staying the same but I really want to get the job done and reach my goal.

Tomorrow is a new day.

I Know I Promised But. . .

This is a rather humiliating thing to have to tell you. So far I have told my daughter, friend and now it’s your turn.

I went to the diet center to start all over again and they informed me that I have to re-enroll. In other words they fired me, they let me go, that got rid of me. Actually they want my money. I don’t want to re-enroll. That means I would need to write another check for $100, I don’t want to.

Now mind you I didn’t throw a fit, I wasn’t rude, I just told her I would have to think about that and then she said, “Is it the money?” I wanted to say nooooooooooooooooooooooooo I really don’t want to be here. I confessed it really is the money I just don’t want to write another $100 check because I can’t do it on my own.

So here is the plan, I am going to work on this last 20 pounds on my own, if I can’t do it I will “eat crow” and go back. I know what do–I just have to do it.

So there you have it!

There are some great bargains at Walgreen’s if you combine your coupons and the in-add coupon from the Walgreen’s insert on Sunday. Maybe I will take a Picture for you so you can be inspired. (more…)

Here We Go Again. . .

It is time for confession, THEY say confession is good for the soul.  Have you ever heard that phrase?  Well I think it really is.  So I am confessing, maybe that is the wrong word, I am telling you the truth, that’s better.

I have eaten everything in the house that is sweet, I think it is all gone now.  Welllllllllllllllllllll maybe there is a chocolate chip or two and I may have to send these to work with Bob.  My new found love for apples has gone out the door, I love Chocolate (notice I capitalized that).  I love sugar, I love sweets.

Here is the bad news, I am headed back to the weight loss center tomorrow, that’s right tomorrow.  They called!  They are wondering where I have been, I didn’t tell them hiding in the closet eating candy.  I’m embarrassed to go in tomorrow and own up to what I have eaten. 

Here is my goal, I will get OFF the pounds I have put on plus ten.  My biggest goal is to figure out how I can stay on the wagon and not become a glutton the minute I am off the plan. Oh I hate the  word glutton but it is the word that best describes to the point I have fallen.  My new clothes still fit but I can tell they are tighter.  This is where I usually just don’t get on the scale again and start back up the hill to being an overweight, overeating, high blood pressure woman.  Not this time!

Tomorrow I will let you know the amount I have gained since my all time low. I will let you know the plan and I will start in again eating my vegetables, fruit and protein and I WILL enjoy it.  Pray for me.

How about you?  Do you want to join me on this road or maybe you are at your perfect weight and don’t need to worry.  Good for you.

Oh I just remembered I think we still have some cheese cake in the freezer, better get that cleaned up tonight.

So, How Do We Develop Self Control?

Today was the day to weigh  in,  down 1/2 pound.  Slow isn’t it.  I talked to them today about starting maintenance soon.  We decided when I have lost 40 pounds we will start maintenance.  What does that mean you may be asking?  We will start adding food back to my menu, like another fruit a day, another starch and the next week some veggies that I have not been able to have on this plan.  I am eager to eat less processed vegetarian food and more beans. 

The big thing is I can’t start eating all the junk I use to eat, it will get me into big trouble.  So, how do I develop self control?

I have read that self control has to become a habit, so I guess I need to develop the habit of self control.  The second thing is to never lose sight of my goal. My goal is to be a healthy weight from now on.

So I think it goes like this, to develop self control is to have clear goals, know what is necessary to achieve them, and develop the habits necessary to do so.  Never lose sight of the goal when temptations come along. Maybe even put your goals in writing and make a plan. 

I want good and healthy children, therefore I will do the following. . .

I want a good marriage, therefore I will do the following. . .

I want a relationship with Jesus, therefore I will do the following. . .

I want to remain at a healthy weight, therefore I will do the following. . .

Plain and simple we have to deny ourselves short-term pleasures that interfere with our goal.  Sounds harsh and no fun, but I think it is an important lesson to learn.  Let’s pray about self-control, it’s Biblical.


PS–You should be running to Walgreen’s there are some really good deals.  Go to moneysavingmom.com –click on categories and look for the bargains.  Read the tutor on how to get the deals if you have never done this before it will save you some money.  Just today I had to pay a little tuition–I forgot and paid for a Procter and Gamble product with a P & G Register Reward and I didn’t get the RR.

Back to the Basics. . .

Okay I know you have been lurking around, no not lurking, but at least wondering how I did this weekend.  Ahhhhhh!!!!  Here’s what I learned–exercise makes a difference.

When I went to Dallas I was almost running every day because there was so much to do.  When I fell into bed I was near d e a d, that’s right, d e a d–I was so tired.  This weekend, I didn’t get the exercise and oh I hate to tell you, I gained 3 pounds.  Yup, 3 pounds!!  So there you have it, if you don’t move you just aren’t going to keep those pounds off.

You may be wondering what I ate?  Did I stick to only 1/2 of a biscuit with gravy?  Did I eat no dessert?  Well, I am sure you already know the answer, I had a whole biscuit with lots of gravy, I usually would have had two.  I did eat 2 cookies but I did skip other desserts.  I didn’t drink any of the sweet drinks or juice, but I ate pasta.  I ate a yummy cookie called Hi-Ho’s, I will give you the recipe on Thursday.  I use to make these years ago and now I remember why I don’t make them now–I love them, that’s why.

Still in all, the weekend was wonderful and Elizabeth Talbot is such a great speaker.  God certainly blessed the weekend and I know the ladies who attended were blessed.  If you go to vop.com you will be able to get some of Elizabeth’s sermons, they are the best.

Skinny People

Skinny people irritate me.  Especially when they say things like, “You know, sometimes I just forget to eat.”  Now I have forgotten where I put my keys and my address, but I would never forget to eat.  I mean the first thing when I open my eyes in the morning I think about what goodie can I eat.  Well, not lately because I know what I am having, because remember I am on the plan.

This brings me to the fact that today was weigh in day!!  I was the only client there.  I said, “This is not a very busy day.”  My . . . .What would you call her?  My. . . . .Consultant, that’s it, my consultant said, “I don’t think any one wants to face us after the holiday.” Holiday! That didn’t matter to me, I am stickin’ to this plan no matter what.

This is my question or my thought, if I have so much will power now, why have I not always had this much will power?  Is it a mind thing?  Maybe it is!

You maybe wondering have I prayed about my weight?  I have!  Here is the truth, I now weigh 2 pounds less than my man.  I have lost 18 1/2 pounds officially! This is a little more than 2 pounds a week. Slow but sure, seems to be the motto.

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