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It’s a New Year

Let's encourage each other to walk with Jesus!

I am sitting in my office with the space heater aimed at my legs, looking out the window at a fresh layer of snow-ice on the sidewalk.  It is a lovely winter scene, God has sent a reminder that He wipes slates clean at any time and any place.

Yesterday my dad would have turned 106 years old, tomorrow my mother in law would be 107.  In a couple of months I will be a year older too, but I am still here.  

This morning I was reading in the book of John, I love John.  It feels like Jesus is still with me on this earth when I read this book.  Jesus prays for his disciples and gives me a great example of how to pray for my children.  Listen to this, “I pray for them.  I am not praying for the world, but for those you have given me, for they are  yours….Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name.”  Don’t you like this?  This is my prayer for my two little families and for my husband.

Yes, tomorrow is a new year.  What are your plans?  Mine is to have a relationship with Jesus that is deeper than ever and to encourage everyone I know to do the same.

What will the year hold? IDK but lets hold fast to Jesus.

Another Good-Bye

It seems we have had a lot of good-bye’s lately.  My husband was the child of an old man.  Bob’s father was 56 when Bob was born.  Bob had a brother 9 years older and Brother George was the one who taught Bob most of the things a father would teach.  Bob and George were not only brothers they were friends.

George was a funny man.  By this I mean both odd and humorous.  He had many friends and didn’t know a stranger.  Most of his friends were a little “off”, by this I mean irregular people, but aren’t most of us a little irregular?  George had a laugh that could be recognized a mile away.  He was a very talented man, he could fix anything.  He was a sign painter by trade and painted free hand.  He was a mountain man who kept his toothbrush on the dashboard of his pick-up.  He loved to hunt, fish and be in the mountains.  He preferred taking a bath only when he really thought he need one otherwise he considered himself odorless.  His words not mine.

He gave most everyone he knew a nick name–Bob’s was Bo-Diddles. Our son John’s nick name was Chief.  George had 5 wishes for the end of his life I only know two.  One is to be buried be his grandparents and the other is to have John read a paper he wrote while in college called, “My Uncle.”  We are on the hunt for that paper.

George will be missed and we look forward to seeing him again soon when Jesus comes.

Going Back

As we drove up the road facing the mountains in Colorado, I had the same lonely feeling I experience 40 some years ago when my parents dropped me off at a little school just below the foothills of  the Rocky Mountains. 

It’s an odd feeling, one I can’t really explain, just a sense of aloneness, is the best way I can describe it.  As Bob parked the car  I looked around to see if I could recognize at least one person, I didn’t. We walked to the front of the gym and  stopped at the registration booth,  I gave them my information and put my name tag around my neck.  The problem was, it said Nancy Buxton and that was not my name when I attended this school.  Never the less I did see some classmates and we had a good time catching up.

There were 90 some who graduated from the class of 1965 and for this 45th reunion I think only 15 came back.  I wondered where the rest were and why they didn’t show up.

Am I happy I traveled 500 miles to attend my honor class, hummmmmmmmmm it was okay.  You know we have all moved on.  We are all really different people than we were 45 years ago.  Living life has taken its toll on most of us.

What I came away with is just the fact that life is short, too short to hold a grudge or to look on the bad side of everything.  Life is too short to not have a relationship with Jesus, because in the end what have we gained if we don’t have Jesus as our friend.   I learned we were all most happy when talking about our families, our children and grandchildren.  I learned that I love home the best and couldn’t wait to get on the road towards Nebraska.

An Ahhh–haaa Moment

Well, you know what I mean, you know aha–something  just came to me and I think I am right on.  Now listen to this.  You know how we have been talking about our belief window?  Here is what I think about mine.

First let me say, my parents made me feel loved beyond love.  I always felt like I was very important to them and that I was the apple of their eye.  (This fact and what I am about to tell you makes me wonder is knowing you are loved the most important thing ? IDK). But. . .  my mom had a little poem she would quote to me. . .”There was a little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead and when she was good she was very good but when she was bad she was horrid.”  Considering that I was pretty much a brat, I was bad and horrid most of the time. 

When I became a teenager my mom switched her quote to, “Pretty is as pretty does.”  Well. . . .since I was horrid most of the time I never felt very pretty.  Which bring me back to my belief window, I see myself as fairly unattractive.  Or do I?  It seems to me I have a good self-esteem.  Did I get the good self-esteem because I knew I was loved?  Maybe!

Have you taken a look at your own window?  The book says, “Each of us sees the world through a window on which we have written the principles we believe to be true.  Where those principles are true, the view through our window is clear; where they are false, the view is misleading.”

So……..YOU can be in control of your life, depending on the truth of the principles by which you choose to live it.

It’s a Crazy World

Have you ever noticed how odd people are?  Now, not me you understand.  I am not odd, not odd at all.  Or am I?  No I don’t think so.  I mean is it odd that I really hate to talk on the phone?  I love reading the Old Testament.  I like collard greens.  I am crazy about children, but I don’t want to take any of them home with me (except my own).  I love to cook.  I feel lonely even at my own church.  I don’t like to travel.  I really like to just be home. I love shoes but seem to wear the same ones all the time.  Do you think these things are odd?

Let me tell you another odd thing.  My grand-daughter was asked to take her pony tail bands off her wrist.  Is that odd to you?  Since when have we decided to worry about a ponytail holder in place of pointing out the joy of knowing Jesus.  Okay, okay maybe I am being harsh, I know her school teaches about Jesus, but I wonder if a ponytail band would make Jesus want to set this girl straight.  I doubt it.

Where does it start and where does it stop?  What should we worry about and what should we let go?  Why can I wear a glitzy belt but if I move it a few inches up to my neck it is considered wrong.  And, if I were a student I would be asked to remove it.  Now that I am an adult I would probably be fired.  I don’t get it.

Will it ever change or are we always going to pick at the sliver and skip over the post?

What Can I Say?

I hope you have not given up on me.  What can I say except the truth.  The truth will set me free so they say.  I have been too busy to blog.  Can you imagine?

Minnesota women’s ministries had a wonderful leadership weekend.  We had over 100 ladies for the weekend conference and we learned a lot.

I got home from Minnesota and left the same day for Seattle to see my children.  It is wonderful to no longer have to travel half way around the world to catch a glimpse of the grand kids.  We unpacked from daylight to dark and then some.

Tomorrow evening I leave for Rocky Mountain for a retreat in Colorado Springs.

Monday, piano lessons will begin. This year I have 26 students, this will certainly keep me out of trouble.

God is good, all the time.

The Anniversary

What to say.  Married 43 years and not much to say about it.  Well, that’s not exactly true, there is plenty to say.  I can tell you 43 years has gone by quick and yet slow.  Have you ever heard that days go slow but the years go fast?  This was really true when the kids were small, sometimes those days would just drag by until daddy came home and, and, and eat supper and watch tv until bed time. LOL

That’s how it use to be, husbands didn’t help out like they do now.  I wonder why that was.  My fella would at least put the kids to bed, he almost always did that.  I gave them the bath, got the pj’s on and he would slip into the bedroom and stay with them until they would fall asleep.  Funny thing is, that seems to be the thing the kids remember.  They don’t remember all the baths, they remember dad going to bed with them and talking until they fell asleep, all three of them.

So what did we get each other?  Welllllllllllllllllllllllllll, I told Bob to skip the present there is nothing I want and the VitaMix was pretty expensive for Mother’s Day.  What did I get him? Flowers.  Yup, I did.  He told me one time when I was wishing for flowers that I have never gotten him flowers, so I fooled him and did it.  Here’s the kicker, after a few days I asked him how he liked his flowers, he said, “What flowers?”  Funny, isn’t it?  Oh well, I have enjoyed the flowers, I’m not sure he thinks of them as his.  Who knows.

So do you have the picture?  No gifts, no cards, well except for flowers.  We did go out to eat with four other people and we went to the university dairy for an ice cream cone.  You know what? It was perfect, really it’s just nice to be happy, healthy and still seeking Jesus.

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