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Saying Good-bye

How do you do it?  How do you say good-bye?  I always cry, well nearly always cry, when our little families leave for home.  I try not to cry, I even pray about it but I hate to think of not seeing them for a few weeks or months.

Today was a forever good-bye, you guessed it a funeral.  Eunice and Duane have been married 30 years it wasn’t time to say farewell.  Eunice was brave today, but when the day in and day out routine starts again I know she will miss Duane.

God never intended life to be like this and yet here we are in a big pickle.  Death is just around the corner for all of us.  Oh my, how did I get so morbid today?

Again and again I pledge to be nicer and more loving to everyone I know and then I fail.  I did tie a strangers shoe today, she  was too old to bend over and do it herself.  Does that count towards being nice, is it enough?


Today we went to church just as we do every Saturday.  We were barely on time just as we are every Saturday.  I won’t tell you who is the one at our house that makes us late or almost late but it’s not me.  We walked into the sanctuary from the side door just as we do every week.  We sat in our usual spot and when the service was over we left.  Not one person spoke to me.

Odd I have been going to this church for over 40 years and I didn’t even meet anyone to stop and visit with.  It’s okay I don’t mind but what if I did.  What if that was enough to make me not want to go back. So what about being friendly at church?  Don’t get me wrong, I certainly could have and should have found someone to welcome.  Do you know friendliness can make your church grow?

“Group”–surveyed 750 people to answer this question: What’s the most important factor that makes a place friendly?  Here is the list of the top five characteristics most important in conveying friendliness.  This is in the order of importance.

1.  Belonging–It’s important to feel like you belong.  Try inviting people home for dinner or if you don’t cook perhaps meet at a restaurant and spend some time together.  Host something.  Invite a few people from church over for a game night, a movie night, a football party, anything.  People love to be together. What are your hobbies?  Perhaps you can invite someone over to work on a hobby together.  It is important to help everyone feel like they belong.

2. Comfort

3. Relaxed Fit

4. Talk to Me

5. Smiles

We are going to work on this list and see if we can become more friendly.  Are you with me?

The Find

A couple of weekend’s ago Bob found a purse similar to this one.  He found it in a parking lot and when he rummaged through the purse he found it contained a lot of money.  He also found a drivers license of a 90 some year old woman and a cell phone.  He started calling the numbers on the cell phone and found the daughter of the 90-year-old and told her that he thought he had a purse belonging to her mother.

He took the purse to the daughter she gave him $100 for being honest.  She wanted his phone number and name so she could tell her mother who lives about 100 miles from Lincoln. 

The mother called and talked to Bob for about 30 minutes about how thankful she was to have the purse back.  She had been riding with the daughter who lives with her. The purse actually belonged to the daughter.  She had put it on top of the car as she helped her mother buckle up.  When they realized the purse was gone they looked for over 2 hours and finally gave up and drove the 100 miles back home without the purse stuffed with money.

During the phone call the daughter asked if we would go to lunch with them the next time they came to Lincoln because they wanted to treat us to a meal and meet the honest man who returned the purse.

Friday was the big day.  We met at Village Inn, they hugged and kissed us several times, invited us to come to Schyler to spend the night at their home and promised to stay in touch.  We visited for at least 2 hours and at that we were all reluctant to say good-bye.

We told them Bob donated the $100 to our school for classroom renovation.  They wanted to know what church we attend.  They wanted Bob to go to the TV station with them so they could tell the story and have it on TV.  LOL  I heard him say, he doesn’t like publicity and really didn’t want to do that.  They just wanted to really show how much they appreciated getting their money back.  The mother let us know from now on she will be carrying her own checkbook.  Teasing of course.

It was a good day, they were grateful to know there are still honest people in this world and we were blessed to have met such real people.  There were no pretenses it was just all ordinary people brought together under an odd circumstance.  A black purse filled with money.

I Feel Like Bud This Morning

I feel like Bud this morning.  Remember Bud?https://nancyoutlook.wordpress.com/2010/01/08/the-plant/

But, I feel like the new Bud.

I've Been Revived

Are you wondering what happened that I am feeling so good on a Sunday morning?

First I had a day of rest!  Do you know what I think?  No, I didn’t say that right, do you know what I know?  God intended for us to have a day of rest.  If you look at the story of creation, God rested after He worked by creating the world and all that is in it.  So, if your day of rest is Saturday or Sunday, make it a day of rest.  Don’t do any work.  I mean let your body and mind rest.  Enjoy your family, make a special meal, have some friends over, go for a walk or do something for someone else. Take time to think about the cross, think about Jesus and the last days of his life on this earth.

The next reason I feel like Bud is because, like Bud, I got some surprise attention.  I talked to all of my family yesterday that is always a treat but I had a special phone call from my best friend of  long ago.

Because of my friend, I won’t tell you how long ago but let’s just say we were girls together.  We lived across the street from each other, we slept together many nights  either inside the house or outside the house and sometimes even in a travel trailer that belonged to the neighbors.  We made tents, we saw each other through several romances.  We rode our bikes all over town.  We rode with each other when we first got our drivers license. Those were the days when we drove up and down the main street to see who else got the car keys that night. We didn’t go to the same church I went on Saturday and she on Sunday but our parents had the same values.  After all they were all from Missouri. LOL  Jane was my maid of honor at our wedding.  After we were long gone from home our mothers because best friends.

We haven’t seen each other for hummmmmmmm at least 15 years and yet we can just start right out where we left off.  We still find we have a lot in common.  We are both a bit conservative, she more than I.  We have both gone through the sorrow of watching our parents grow old and pass away.  Her sorrow is more recent than mine.  We both fight the battle of the bulge, and we have both watched ourselves grow into the age of maturity.  I can’t think of a better way to say it.

Don’t you just love old friendships?  There is something very comfortable about remembering back when.

I hope you are cultivating your friendships, both new and old.  I also hope you are cultivating a friendship with Jesus, He is the best friend of all.

Bud and I are doing pretty well this morning, he is out on the sun porch putting down roots in his new pot and I am putting down some more roots too.  Roots in the word.

A Birthday to Remember

Ramona's 80th 003

What a Party!

Ramona's 80th 030

The Hostesses

Last evening we celebrated.  It was a birthday celebration for my friend, she is turning 80.  She doesn’t seem to mind the fact that we all know her age and why should she?  She has aged well.

Ramona's 80th 007

Three Handsome Waiters!Do you love surprises? I do. I am rarely surprised but this was a surprise. Our waiters were inexperienced but they were fun and willing to do whatever the hostess asked of them.The food was lovely! We started the meal with three little soups in small cups. With lovely garnishes. We had potato, cream of asparagus and cantaloupe soup. All yummy. You cangetting ready to serve the first coursesee how lovely the presentation was.There were 14 of us and we had fun telling stories about our guest of honor. We laughed and enjoyed being together. That's how women are, we love a reason for a party. We thrive on each other's company. We need to get together for the sake of our well-being.The salads came next. We had lentil salad, green salad in wonton wrappers and tomato salad. Great Salads

I know what you are thinking!  You are thinking about my diet aren’t you?  Well, your right, this was not on my plan.  Here’s what I decided. I am eating everything!  That was simple, don’t you think?
There were 14 of us and we had fun telling stories about our friendship with our guest of honor.
Each person received a lovely box of sweets as our gift.  It  has had two different kinds of cookies, a piece of fudge and a caramel.  I ate it all that night.  Well, I thought if I am going to eat this I better do it all in one day and get back “on the wagon” the very next day.  I ate dessert and all.  There you have it.
Ramona's 80th 017

Great Salads

Okay, next came the entrée!  The best Butternut Squash I have ever eaten drizzled with a reduced balsamic vinegar  with baked tofu in the center,  fingerling potatoes with caramelized onions.
Ramona's 80th 019

don't let looks deceive you

My man has no clue as to what drizzle means, so you can see his thoughts were– more is better.  This food was soooooooooo good.
Isn’t it always fun to have someone cook a meal and invite you over?  I love eating someone else’s cooking.  It always seems so much better than mine.
Ramona's 80th 023
Happy Birthday My Friend!

Ramona's 80th 027

Dessert was a lovely cake, including ice cream and sorbet.
Why am I telling you this?  First of all I don’t know a woman who doesn’t like to hear about a successful party.  We love pretty things, good food and good company.  But that’s not the reason. 
I am thinking about the start and finishing of a live.  Not that at 80 my friend is finished.  It’s just that life is winding down for her.  Well, isn’t it for all of us?
I ask you and I ask my self how are you finishing, are you finishing well?  Have you become less critical, more accepting?  Have you tamed the gossip tiger who  lives within you?  Do you enjoy giving more than you enjoy receiving?  Do you complement your family, your spouse, your daughter in law, your children, your son in law,  your friend?  Have you put the jealous lion out of your life?  Can you celebrate others success, new car, new dress or new house?
Mark 12:30-31 reads: “Love the Lord your God with all your  heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”  The second is this: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
It’s a lot to think about but I want to finish well, don’t you?
PS–For me computers have a mind of their own and I know this post is a mess.  I can’t fix anything that is in the box under the picture so just go with it and know I continue to do this right.  I’m just not always successful.

Are You on Facebook?

Chances are if you are into reading blogs you at least know about facebook.  I enjoy facebook a lot, it keeps me in contact with friends that I have not heard from for years.  It gives me a chance to show off my grandchildren and to keep up with ladies I meet at retreats.

What I don’t enjoy about facebook is the time waster it can become.  I will be honest with you, I don’t care for the games people play and I don’t even care to know what my friends are up to moment by moment.  Call me odd–I don’t care it is just the way I am.  There is a rather funny video about addicted facebook and twitter people.  See what you think, I know it is kind of silly and if you don’t do facebook all of the terms such as wall, poke and twitter won’t make much sense.

I’ll also stoop to a bit of whininess and let you know that it wastes my time when my friends participate in all of these extra activities, because I have to sort through and scroll past them just to see what people are really up to.

I have two points:

First,an admonishment to all of us.  Let’s use our time wisely.  There is a time and a place for recreation, but let’s exercise moderation and wisdom.  We don’t let our kids play video games all day, and we should hold ourselves to the same standard.  Let’s not play Facebook all day.  Fellowship is one thing; endless inane quizzes are another.  I have often failed in this area.  Let’s all do better.

Second, if you’re annoyed  by all the time-wasters showing up on your wall because your friends are doing them, you can hide those applications.  Just go to the empty spot to the right of the application on your wall.  When your mouse hovers, you should see the word, “hide”.  You will be able to choose to hide your friend’s updates or to hide that particular application no matter who does it.

I got the last couple of paragraphs from a blog I read called Life In a Shoe, she says it so well why redo it.

Well there is my opinion and I’m stickin’ to it.   LOL

Taking Care of Business

I have been home for exactly 3 hours.  My man was late picking me up at the airport but I smiled and waved as he drove up.  I decided no use being grumpy about his lateness.  Good thing I took the high road, his day started early and he had a lot on his mind.

Next stop after dropping Bob at work was to go weigh in–remember please I have been gone for 4 days at a women’s retreat where food is plentiful and goodies are even more plentiful.  I followed my plan as close as possible with two exceptions.  I stopped to see my friend Judy Olson and she had made cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven just for me.  I ate one big roll enjoying every bite.  The roll was faboo but the look on her face as she watched me enjoy the treat was priceless.  That was #1.  Number 2 was last evening I had a cheese enchilada, that’s right you heard it of all things.  I only had one and a big salad.  So up 1/2 pound. 

I leave Sabbath evening for nearly a week–wonder how that will go?

I have a lot to tell you so come back soon!

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