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How are you feeling?

I have never given much thought to how I am feeling.  Lately my health has become a subject to be discussed in our home.  My son even threatened me today that he would ” turn me in”  to my son-in-law if I didn’t get an antibiotic. 

First, my knee, it hurts now and then.  Second, the cancer on my nose.  Third, my crown and I don’t mean on my head.  Fourth, my root canal.  Fifth, my cold.  Now isn’t this about enough little problems for now?  I can tell you this I now have the new bed I was planning to buy in my mouth.  Root canals and crowns add up to a lot of money.

You may be wondering where I am going with this whining?  I just want you to be happy where you are, I want to be happy where I am.  Things can always get worse.  Give thanks everyday for your blessings.  God is good all the time.

Oh No, It’s Tomorrow

The day I have been dreading is here, well it will be in a few hours.  It’s the day I have my nose scraped.   Sounds bad I know.  I don’t know how bad because it’s never happened to me before.  I have skin cancer.  I’m not looking forward to the ordeal but I have to do it.  My fella has offered to go with me and hold my hand, I think I’ll take him up on it.

So am I vain?  We will find out.  Am I going to go out with a big red nose?  IDK The Bible says vanity is worthless, I suspect it is true.

Why Did I Say Yes?

Do you ever wonder why in world you would agree to do another thing?  My church wants to have a Health Ministry, the focus will be healthy cooking, exercise and blood pressure screening.  We plan to expand as we get things going.  Just because I am interested in healthy cooking I said yes I would be a part of this committee.  It turns out it’s a lot of work.  We have met a couple times a month plus last night we had our first “event.”

I don’t really have the time for this but truth be told no one else has the time either.  It comes down to what’s important.  Truly I believe when God asked us to give 10% he was not only talking about money but time.  It never hurts to give a double portion so that’s how I reasoned out my YES.

Last evening was our first tasting!  We were surprised to have close to 70 people in attendance.  We demonstrated some healthy yummy recipes and they were able to taste each recipe.  We started at 6:30 and I was home by 9:00.  It’s always interesting to me how people love to stay after and visit, this tells me we need more reasons to get together.

We demonstrated refried bean soup, corn bread, banana nut bread, tomato soup and humus.  Everything was very healthy and very delicious.  On Thursday I will share the bean soup recipe it is quick and easy.

Any church can do this, we just put up some posters at the health food stores, church and several gyms–put an announcement in the bulletin and we have a great turn out.  Next month we are having a cooking school on Sunday afternoon.  We plan to try to do something every other month.

I hope you will think about this idea as almost everyone is interested in cooking healthy so it is a great way to reach out to the community.  Just be sure your recipes are yummy and appealing.

Baby Cakes. . .


 cookbook 001

This is my new cookbook!  It is vegan and uses some odd ingredients but healthy ones.  I can’t wait to bake something, but who’s going to eat it? Speaking of eat, I weighed in today down 1/2 pound, 33 pounds in all.  I’m headed to the Red Clover in a few minutes just to get some ingredients.

LOL I am back from my shopping and I left $89 behind at the store.  Red Clover has good prices but mercy this natural stuff is expensive.  I am leaving town I think I will make a surprise for my man and put it in the freezer.

I wonder, did I need another cookbook when I have all of these?

cookbook 002

I would guess  an extravagance like this will be out of the question when I am fully on the Dave Ramsey plan.  Looking at the bright side, I had the money to pay for it I didn’t have to charge it.  Oh mercy, this Dave Ramsey thing may not be very fun.

The #1 Vitamin You Need Now!

Okay, I am not a doctor, so don’t think I really know what I am talking about.  I only know what I read, what the doctor in my family recommends, and how it has worked for me.

Just before going to bed last evening I was reading a magazine called Health, the article on vitamin D caught my attention.  For about 2 years now I have been taking vitamin D on a regular basis.  I don’t think I have had a cold for over a year.  I really think it has helped my immune system.

The article states you can fight breast cancer, heart disease, weight gain and more with vitamin D.

More than one third of all women fail to get enough D for healthy bones and more than 75 percent of us lack the higher amounts needed for the vitamin to do its disease fighting best.

The more studies done the more it is believed that D is a real cancer fighter and who can’t use that help these days?

For each minute that you spend in peak summer sunlight your body can produce about 1,000 IU of vitamin D.  Of course, you have to watch out for too much sun and sun screen blocks the vitamin.

I take 2,000 units a day.  It is a good idea to be tested just to see your level of D and then you can decide what you need to do.

I hope you will look into this vitamin, we can use all the help we can get.

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