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How Did Mother’s Day Go For You?

Selfless Service

Selfless Service

You may not approve of the color of these toenails, I’m not sure I do either but the story behind them is what counts.

How was your Mother’s Day?  Mine was  good great!  My kids called, I got some cards in the mail and I felt well loved.

Now the Man I have been married to for 42 years didn’t even get me a card.  I know, I know, I am not his mother, this is true but I did make him a father and that should count for something.  I was feeling a little hummmmmmmmm bad unappreciated when he announced that he would do any thing I asked him to do (this day only).  He made breakfast, cleaned it up, made the bed (he always does).  He didn’t say a word when I wasted some time doing nothing (he never does), he also planted some things for me.  Then the idea struck me, I would really have enjoyed a pedicure for Mother’s Day, sooooooooooooooo I asked him to do my toenails.  He was most happy to do this task, now I have to say it was  not a perfect job but he sure tried and we had some good laughs as he struggled with the proper way to put that bright red polish on those toenails. As we laughed, I even caught a glimpse of the 22 year old I married back in 1967.

I am telling you this story because it made me think of  “Selfless Service for the Savior”, when we do things for others it is serving Jesus.  There is so many people who need to be served, maybe just a kind word, a hand written note, a ride to church, a meal brought in, a house that needs cleaning.  What ever it is, we were made to serve and let’s not forget it.

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