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So what are you thankful for this year?  I was thinking about that today as I cleaned my sewing room.  UGH  The room is a mess it’s looking better but needs a total makeover.

As tradition has it, we usually go around the table and tell something we are thankful for.  I was thinking about this as I was cleaning.  We are all so long-winded the food is getting cold as we go on and on.  This year I think we will gather and talk about thankfulness and then get the food on the table. There could be as many as 20 of us around the table this year and I am thankful for each family.

 I told Bob today, there is no use in being cranky we just have to be thankful for each day that we are healthy and normal.  What started all of this is a trip to the grocery store yesterday.  Bob never shops with me but for some reason yesterday he drove me around town to do some errands and the last thing we did was stop at the grocery store.  I noticed the longer we shopped the more unhappy he became.  He started looking at things a little more and  I could see the wheels turning.  Finally I said, “you just have to ignore the prices and be thankful we can afford to buy groceries.” 

I am thankful for a warm bed, for the little pieces of  junk I have around the house, for pumpkins.  My family and for each of you.  I am thankful I have a Lord and Savior to believe in.  Happy Thanksgiving.

My Day

This is a very special day, but then, isn’t every day?  I mean I have nothing I HAVE to do.  I read my Bible, walked on the treadmill and met a friend for lunch.

Meeting a friend for lunch is where my day changed.  First you have to understand I love odd places to eat.  I actually enjoy “hole in the wall” kind of places.  We had agreed to eat at The Grateful Bread, it has another name but I can never remember it.  It’s vegetarian and they serve great soup and since it’s only 17 degrees I thought soup sounded good.  Well, they were closed, they are always closed on Monday and Tuesday and get this, they are only open for lunch.  The place is owned and operated by a couple and their son, I would guess the parents were hippies in their day.  Who am I trying to kid, they still are by all appearances.  Their food is great.

I decided to move along and agreed to meet my friend another day.  I stopped at Open Harvest, a health food store and co-op.  They have yummy food there also.  I had Indian Curry Soup, a scone and some sweet potato, again a glorious meal.  The best part of the whole thing was the people I ate with.  I didn’t know any of them but felt like we were forever friends. 

The first lady looked over at an older couple and informed them and me that she finished her last chemo treatment yesterday.  We all congratulated her and wished her well.  The male part of the older couple told us he is recovering from a stroke and again we all congratulated him and told him how well he looked.  He then let us know they had been snowed in and without electricity for days, their wood stove had kept them warm.

What I want to tell you is this. . .Each of my new friends  had such a great attitude, they were tickled to be alive and they were thankful for small and big things.  They bragged about how hard the crews were working to clear the snow, they saw a young woman who use to work at Open Harvest they treat her like a long-lost friend.  I felt so good sitting there chatting with them, I felt like I belonged.  I actually almost asked them when they would be back and I would meet them again.  As I left the store we all waved goodbye.

Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all.  The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4

I don’t know if these “friends” are believers, I would like to think they are.  They acted like I think believers should act, they were thankful, happy, rejoicing, finding good in others, not complaining.  They had joy written on their wrinkled faces.

It was a good day even if 2 blocks of tofu, 1 dozen eggs and lunch cost me over $14.00.

It was worth the price.

Is it a Challenge to be Happy?

I, like most people have had pain in my life.  But I have always known that any pain I have experienced is small in comparison to that of a lot of others. 

I have a friend who actually allows the pain of others become an obstacle to her own happiness.  I think she wonders if she deserves to be happy given the amount of suffering in the world.  It is easy to feel this way.

I have chosen–and it is a choice–not to allow human suffering to prevent me from being as happy as I can be.  Here is what I have done.

1.  Try to make a difference in someone else’s life.  If I have made a difference I seem to feel more free to be happy.

2.  Happiness seems important to doing good.  Unhappy people are usually less capable than happy people of doing good.  Have you ever noticed that?  For one thing they are usually too involved with self to see beyond.

3.  Instead of allowing world suffering to make me unhappy, I try to be more grateful for the life I have been allowed to live.  Thankfulness is a big.

4.  If feel it is important, really important to have a religious outlook on life.  It seems to be it would be difficult for a truly secular person to be happy if he is aware of the evil and suffering in the world today.  I think people who don’t know Jesus believe the mess this world is in the a reality and there is nothing that will change.

Where a religious person believes that a compassionate and just God rules the universe and so there is meaning in all this mess we are in.

So my friend, hang on tight to your belief in God, know He is in charge.  Be happy for what you have.  Make a difference in someone’s life.

What’s Your Perspective

Let’s just imagine it is a very cold winter night, you are headed to a very important meeting and you have a flat tire.  You don’t call a tow truck because there isn’t enough time, you try to change the tire yourself.  You can’t do it, you end up missing the appointment you were suppose to be at and you are not particularly unhappy about it.  Why not?

This is how I see it, we either have a philosophy of life that provides us with a positive perspective or a negative perspective.

We determine how much we will allow something to make us unhappy.  I know it is hard to imagine that we can determine our emotional response to events but it is true.  I have watched my grandchildren when they are unhappy about something and their parents pull them aside and remind them that they have a choice to be happy, and they strongly advise them to make that choice.

I think we are born with a certain disposition but I also think we develop dispositions.  My mother use to tell me I had a nasty disposition, she was right, I was a big brat as a child with a smart mouth.  Some where along the road of life, I learned to get rid of the smart mouth and change my philosophy of life that determined my level of happiness.

I hope each of you will have the philosophy to look on the positive in every situation, you will be blessed if you do.  This is your decision to make.

What are You Thankful For?

Today I want to specifically give thanks to God for the people in my life, the small things around me and the big.  I want to acknowledge that without Him in my life nothings else would matter.

I am thankful for:

1. My man–he is kind, sweet and lets me be me.

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2. My family–all of them–the funny little ones and the precious parents who are raising them.

3. Church–a place to go and feel at home.

4. Work–I love my jobs

5. Cool mornings–and perfect weather

6. A little boy named Lincoln who answered the phone while his parents were sleeping, what a fun conversation we had.

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7. A little girl named Jenna who always shares her piggy bank with me and makes me laugh.

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8. The bright yellow birds that chase each other around the feeder.

9. Dirt between my toes

10. Garden tomatoes

11. The peacefulness of a sleeping baby

12. 3 1/2 pounds down this week, that is a total of 28 1/2 and this is day 96 of the plan.

13. Jesus–need I say more!!

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