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Hi Friends

Dear Readers:

I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with you on this blog.  This blog is part of the Outlook Online Blog Network and it has been updated.  I hope you will join me in making this transition to my new blogging home at http://outlookmag.org.  One you are there, hover over “Bloggers” in the main menu and click on my name to view my new posts.

The new blog is not ready but will be in the next few days.  I am not always eager to change but we will give this a try we may really love it.

The Last

This is my last post for the year, my last recipe, my last word of encouragement for the year.  Sounds like the final good bye, don’t you think?  Oh I’ll be back next year but I am signing off for just a couple of weeks I need time.  Time to reflect, time to think, time to relax, time to spend reading.  I need time to have nothing “hanging over my head.”

We are leaving for Colorado tomorrow to say our final good bye to Bob’s brother.  It’s bittersweet, we are glad he no longer suffers but we will miss him.  We will meet our son at the Denver airport, it’s always good to see John but we can’t be totally happy because it is for a final goodbye.

My job, my job is to give tribute to the ones who made it possible for George to remain at home during this long illness.  I have it ready but can I read it?  IDK

I will say we have hope that we will see George again, soon and very soon.  We don’t deserve this hope but Jesus paid it all.

The Best Cinnamon Rolls You Will Ever Eat

1 quart whole milk, 1 cup vegetable oil, 1 cup sugar–heat this to 150 degrees or just before boiling and then let it cool for at least 45 minutes.

pour 2 tbls. yeast over this cooled mixture and let it set for 1 minute.

Add 8 cups all purpose flour and mix with a spoon until well mixed and let set covered for at least 1 hour.  Then add 1 more cup of flour, 1 tsp heaping baking powder, 1 tsp. scant baking soda, 1 tbls. salt and mix well.

At this point you can start rolling out the dough or you may put it in the refg. for up to 2 days.  Keep your eye on it if it starts to overflow out of the pan, just punch it down.

When ready to prepare rolls: Sprinkle rolling surface generously with flour.  Take half the dough and form a rough rectangle.  Then roll the dough thin, maintaining a general rectangular shape.  Drizzle 1/2 cup melted butter over the dough.  Now sprinkle 1 cup sugar over the butter followed by a generous sprinkling of cinnamon.

Start rolling the dough in a neat line, kep the roll relatively tight as you go.  Pinch the seam of the roll to seal it.  Spread 1 tbls. of butter in the bottome of the pan.  I use dental floss to cut the rolls, make them about 1 inch thick.

Bake 375 for 20 minutes more or less depending on your oven.

Here is the suggested frosting but make what ever you like.

1 bag powdered sugar, 2 tsp. Maple flavoring, 1/2 cup milk, 1/3 cups melted butter, 1/4 cup brewed coffee, 1/8 tsp. salt–mix until smooth and pour over rolls while still warm.

I thought this was way too sweet I will not put so much frosting on the rolls next time.

Another Good-Bye

It seems we have had a lot of good-bye’s lately.  My husband was the child of an old man.  Bob’s father was 56 when Bob was born.  Bob had a brother 9 years older and Brother George was the one who taught Bob most of the things a father would teach.  Bob and George were not only brothers they were friends.

George was a funny man.  By this I mean both odd and humorous.  He had many friends and didn’t know a stranger.  Most of his friends were a little “off”, by this I mean irregular people, but aren’t most of us a little irregular?  George had a laugh that could be recognized a mile away.  He was a very talented man, he could fix anything.  He was a sign painter by trade and painted free hand.  He was a mountain man who kept his toothbrush on the dashboard of his pick-up.  He loved to hunt, fish and be in the mountains.  He preferred taking a bath only when he really thought he need one otherwise he considered himself odorless.  His words not mine.

He gave most everyone he knew a nick name–Bob’s was Bo-Diddles. Our son John’s nick name was Chief.  George had 5 wishes for the end of his life I only know two.  One is to be buried be his grandparents and the other is to have John read a paper he wrote while in college called, “My Uncle.”  We are on the hunt for that paper.

George will be missed and we look forward to seeing him again soon when Jesus comes.


So what are you thankful for this year?  I was thinking about that today as I cleaned my sewing room.  UGH  The room is a mess it’s looking better but needs a total makeover.

As tradition has it, we usually go around the table and tell something we are thankful for.  I was thinking about this as I was cleaning.  We are all so long-winded the food is getting cold as we go on and on.  This year I think we will gather and talk about thankfulness and then get the food on the table. There could be as many as 20 of us around the table this year and I am thankful for each family.

 I told Bob today, there is no use in being cranky we just have to be thankful for each day that we are healthy and normal.  What started all of this is a trip to the grocery store yesterday.  Bob never shops with me but for some reason yesterday he drove me around town to do some errands and the last thing we did was stop at the grocery store.  I noticed the longer we shopped the more unhappy he became.  He started looking at things a little more and  I could see the wheels turning.  Finally I said, “you just have to ignore the prices and be thankful we can afford to buy groceries.” 

I am thankful for a warm bed, for the little pieces of  junk I have around the house, for pumpkins.  My family and for each of you.  I am thankful I have a Lord and Savior to believe in.  Happy Thanksgiving.

Learn to Monitor Your Mind

This week was the first day of piano lessons for the school year.  26 students, give or take a couple who forgot their books, sat on my piano bench this week.  I am crazy about each of them, and they come in all sizes and colors.  Most all of my students are funny and would just as soon talk as play the piano.

Today one of my beginning students had something very worth while to say.  He informed me that he has to protect his mind because he can’t sleep.  If he reads a book about snakes it keeps him awake.  Of course, I had to take the golden opportunity to explain how as an adult I have to guard my mind too.

I am pleased that his parents have explained the importance of self-control when it comes to what he puts in his mind.  I had to smile when he told me he thought he would read his piano book before going to bed, he didn’t think that would keep him awake.


Yesterday was a very special day, Father’s Day!  I thought of my Dad and the fact that he was my buddy.  When my mom didn’t see things my way I would always go to daddy.  I think just the word daddy melted his heart and he would usually see things my way.  Not always but sometimes.

My dad was a dependable man, he got off work at 4 pm and was home by 4:20, 4:30 at the latest, never fail.  Once a month we, my dad and I, would meet at the grocery store to do some shopping.  We lived in a town where we could buy groceries on credit.  When dad got his pay check, he would cash it  at the grocery store, pay our bill and stock up for the next month. If the bill was too high he would by unhappy and always thought we spent too much on food.

Dad taught me how to cook.  Every time I made something that was not great he would say, “it’s just the way I like it.”  He taught me to make gravy, steak, fried chicken and most any thing that was easy.  I know I have told you about him before but it seems worthwhile to repeat.

Dad had a quick temper and could “fly off the handle” easily.  I was 17 when he gave me my last whipping, it was my sassy mouth that got me into trouble.  I know what you are thinking child abuse, well maybe but in those days it was called discipline.  Good or bad that’s how they did it.

As for my children’s father, my husband, he was never spanked a day in his life.  His father was 55 when he was born so I doubt by the time Bob was spanking age his dad could even catch him. 

Are you wondering what we did for Father’s Day around my house. After the two phone calls from our  kids, we went to Valentino’s for brunch, I paid, father’s ate free.  LOL  I gave him a one way plane ticket back home from Washington state.  I will fill you in on that another time.

Last evening we celebrated Bob’s birthday.  Seven of us ate at Tico’s, it was delicious.  My present to him was 2 ties (one purchased at a garage sale) and two pair of pants.  Not exciting I know but everything fit and he needed them.

We also cleaned the downstairs, big  job but someone had to do it and since we are the only two around it was us.  We moved furniture, bookcases and really deep cleaned.  I think we are ready for our little Singapore family to arrive.

God is good. He has brought such special people into my life.  It could have been so different.  Have you ever thought how things could have been.  Sometimes I wonder why God gave us the power of choice, why did he give us a will.  He has such good ideas why didn’t he just plan our life for us?  I know, I know it just does not work that way, there is a reason.  God would be called unfair if he did that–Satan always messes things up.

How’s Your Self-Esteem?

If the numbers are true at least 75% of my readers have a problem with self-esteem.  I hate it when I see my friends struggle with how they feel about who they are.  It is not simple to live in this world and not compare our looks or our worth to other women.

Excuse me but it really make me mad unhappy when I see my friend evaluate her worth on how her husband feels about her. Oh don’t get me wrong I can’t be unhappy with her I am unhappy with, with, with. . .well who am I unhappy with?  Her husband?  Maybe!  Her parents?  Perhaps!  Satan. . .that’s it, Satan!  Satan wants us to not realize how much Jesus values each of us.  After all aren’t we the bride of Christ, oh yes we are!  I wonder why we don’t feel like a beautiful bride, the bride of a king?

At Women in Touch on Monday evening, Alicia Bruxvoort spoke about the idea of being Christ’s bride and explored why we are so reluctant to put on the wedding dress.  It was a wonderful evening and Alicia hit the nail on the head, often we just don’t feel worthy.

As I explore this subject I will bring some snippets to you maybe we can each figure out a way to up our self-esteem.  Maybe we can figure out that we are worthy to be the bride of Christ.

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