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Three Cups of Tea

Have you read the book?  We just finished it and have moved on to our next book, You Were Born for This.

  We enjoyed Three Cups of Tea very much. This book is a true story about Greg Mortenson and his desire to promote peace. . .One school at a time.  He tells many stories about building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan, so girls could be educated.

We have family living in Asia, they have a live-in helper who has chosen to leave her child in another country so she can earn money to send back home.  I have often thought I could never do such a thing.  Leave my child would be unthinkable.

After reading Three Cups of Tea, I understand that just like the parents in Pakistan and Afghanistan, “the helper” wants something better for her child.  If nothing is ever done for these children they will continue to live in uneducated poverty.  Parents are making the ultimate sacrifice to make a better life for their children.

Do you get it?  These parents aren’t the first to make the ultimate sacrifice.  It all started way back when Eve and Adam took the apple.  Their Father and ours already had the ultimate sacrifice in place.  He sent His Son to this earth so we could have a better life.

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