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Monday, Monday. . .

Isn’t there a song like that, oh no I am showing my age.  Well there are other ways I am showing my age too.  My face is starting to looking like a road map and. . .well we won’t even go there.

But I feel so young.  How can it be, I look my age but I feel my daughter’s age.  Not that I would like to put forth the energy to raise 3 children again, I think that would age me beyond recognition.

The house is finally in order  semi-order.  Do you know what I mean?  On the outside it looks pretty good but on the inside it needs some attention.  The drawers need to be straightened, closets gone through, blinds dusted, mop boards dusted and windows cleaned on the inside.  That’s not all but I don’t want to bore you.

I have business to take care of like making The Little House on the Prairie outfit including bonnet, the Christmas surprises that I am sewing.  The Christmas decorations that I want up before the end of the week.

However, it is 11:07 am to be exact and I have not had my worship or taken a walk.  It is time for action I can’t really accomplish the best things in my life without putting some study time in my schedule.  I have told you, you all know I have trouble squeezing it all in.  Today I will gain the victory just for today, tomorrow there will be a whole new battle to be fought.  Satan is a busy body and he works hard to keep me from the Lord.

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