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Going Home!

Funny thing, when I leave for a trip I am always kind of excited, I love my women’s ministries job and actually never consider it a job. For one reason or another I will sometimes extend the trip for a day or two.  This time my friend wanted to do some shopping.  She loves to shop, I would rather have gone to Disney World–I never get tired of Micky Mouse.

I am always sorry when I extend a trip–I am just naturally drawn towards home. I love to be home.  I hope you feel that tug towards  home too.  I don’t know maybe it’s my bed I miss or perhaps it’s my sewing machine but to be honest it’s my fella.  I just miss him when I am away.  It’s because I know him so well and he knows me.  We just seem to fit each other pretty well.  It hasn’t always been like this in the early days of marriage  I would have extended my trip for weeks if given the chance.

You know where I am going with this–I’ve talked about it before–it’s the nudge toward home.  We are given a natural restlessness just to make us long for our heavenly home.  The more we get to know our Father the more we want to go home.  The more we long for heaven, the more we want the rest and peace we find when we depend on Him.

I do have some news for you–if you are planning a trip to Orlando and want to go to Disney World or Epcot, go to the Disney website.  Click on Give a Day–Get a day and follow the instructions.  If you volunteer in one of their projects in your community they will give you a free ticket to DW or Epcot.  Can’t beat that.  I can tell you it would have been a whole lot cheaper for me to pay full price for DW than to go shopping.

Valentine’s Day

LOL  How was your Valentine’s Day?  Did your honey, your kids, your friend, your any one tell you happy Valentine’s Day?  I went to the grocery store and the clerk even gave me a valentine’s greeting.

We woke up this morning and nothing was said.  I left the house in a blizzard because CVS had some bargains and I needed to get there early to get the worm. LOL  When I got back home my man was cleaning the downstairs, he had made the beds and was doing the floors, he had cleaned the kitchen including emptying the dishwasher.

Are you wondering about the card?  He made it and had it in my slippers when I got home.  This is what the card said:  I love you–abcdefghijklmnopqrstvwxyz——————– do you get it? I didn’t.  Did you notice the u is missing?  Missing U–get it?  I know corny.

We also went out to eat with some friends, we went to Tico’s my favorite Mexican food.

Are you wondering what I did for him?  Well, I gave him a  card and ah ah ah that’s about it.  Some how it seems Valentine’s Day is a girl thing, I wonder if I think that because I am a girl.

Have I told you that I have told my man what I want for my birthday?  I want an Ipod, do you think I will get one?  I doubt it.

All in all it was a good day.  Every day is a good day, just to wake up is a good day.  This is the day the Lord has made and I am thankful for it.

It’s Thursday and I’m Back

Free Indeed, the convention in Dallas, was wonderful.  I will give you a blow by blow description when I get half a chance.  I even have pictures to show you what you missed.  I wish each of you could have been there it was inspiring and spiritual.

Are you wondering about my weight?  I was gone for 10 days you know.  That is a long time to be around faboo food and not eat.  I will tell you this, I came home weighing 2 1/2 pounds more than when I left.  I don’t even care it was worth it.  There is a deli in Dallas called Eatsy’s, it has the best food and a good, no great,no out of this world dessert called Chocolate Oblivion, need I say more?   The hotel had brownies that melted in your mouth, I mean really, melted in your mouth.  I ate three.  I’m not bragging I am stating a fact.  I wish I hadn’t because I thought I had it under control but now I know I am not safe in the same room with melt in your mouth brownies.  I am on the wagon again and hope to be on my way down.

Here is your Thursday recipe:

Apple Butter Spread

This is delicious with apples or scones.

4 ounces cream cheese, softened, 1/4 cup apple butter, 1/3 teaspoon vanilla extract, dash of cinnamon.

Place cream cheese, apple butter, vanilla and cinnamon in the container of a food processor fitted with a steel blade.  Process for 20 seconds, or just until smooth, stopping to scrape down the side of the container, if necessary.  Scrape spread into a small bowl.  Cover and refrigerate until slightly firm.

Just one more thing, there are great bargains at Walgreens.  Many free items you just need to look in the advertisement that came in the Sunday paper, go through your coupons from the inserts and put the bargains with the coupon.  Some of them are money makers.

We sat down tonight and worked on our budget, first time ever in 42 years we have even written a budget.  Shameful I know.  I will tell you more about it later.  I also want to tell you about my trip home and of course the convention.

My Bible

Well, it’s not really MY Bible, actually I guess it is I paid for it, but it has the name Jason D. Lucero, May 1, 1988 ingraved on the cover.  I paid .99 for it at the second hand store, you already know I like bargains.  I have to say most every time I pick it up I wonder about Jason Lucero, did he just not want a Bible any longer, did he pass away, did he misplace it and forgot to take it with him.

Never the less I really like mine and Jason’s Bible, it’s a study Bible.  A study Bible has the Bible verses about half way down the page and the rest tells me what I just read.  It helps me make sense out of my reading.

Lately I have been reading in Romans, that’s way you have not heard much about my reading.  I don’t understand it enough to write about it. Listen to this:  Romans 5:1 ” Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand.”  I get this, Jesus saves, what I don’t get is why don’t we act like it.  Why don’t we have the joy on our faces that other Christians have?  If you have an answer for me I would love to have you comment.  It perplexes me and I don’t like it, I want every one of us to feel the joy that comes from knowing Jesus and knowing we have peace through Him.

I wonder if Jason Lucero knew the peace that comes from Jesus or did he just give up.

What About the Bargains?

Have you missed me telling you about the bargains I have been finding.  Have you missed my LOL’s when I  come home with several bags of products for pennies?

I have to tell you the bargains in couponing have dwindled considerably.  Is it a sign of the times?  Idk–if you don’t know what that means you must not text LOL. (I don’t know)  I don’t text much myself so don’t think you are the only one that still talks on the phone.  I miss my couponing days and I hope they come back soon.  I still find a good deal now and then but not like I use to.

In the mean time, I still believe we must take care of our money.  As I garage sale during the summer months, I am astounded at the things people pay big money for and then turn around and nearly give it away at a garage sale.

When I look around my house and see the stuff I have spent good money on and realize I don’t even like most of it, it makes me stop and think how much money I would have had I not spent  foolishly.

Today I bought my grand daughter a mocha something or other from Starbuck’s, it was pennies short of $5.00 for one drink.  Think of the people who do this nearly every day.

We have some friends who were paying nearly $100 for cable tv, they didn’t even use half the channels they were paying for.  They also were paying by the minute for their long distance.  They didn’t know there are plans that have a flat fee for long distance.

My sisters, we must get smart about our spending.  Think about your expenses, is it necessary to have unlimited texting for the whole family? Do you need a land line?  What about gym fees, downloads, bottled water, eating out and a dozen other expenses. 

The Lord expects us to be good stewards, let’s start now.

Still Another L.O.L

You already know I love a bargain and yesterday was a great day for a good bargain.  Before I left home, I knew I was  about to enter the doors of Walgreen’s or CVS, I could feel the excitement building.  I don’t have a Spiritual application from this except I wish I had this same feeling when it is time to sit down and open my Bible.  I am going to pray about that.

Here is what I brought yesterday at Walgreen’s: Rembrandt Toothpaste, $5.99  and received a $6.00 Register Reward (same as cash but has to be used at Walgreen’s), Bayer Quick Release Crystals, $2.49 and I had a $1.00 coupon that I found on the display at the store, I got $2.50 back in RR’s (Register Rewards), Ecotrin 81mg, 45 count, $2.00 and I got back $2.00 in RR’s.  Get this, when I opened the box there was a $2.00 coupon on the inside so when I take this to the store I will make $2.00 on my Ecotrin deal.  Nivea Body Wash, $4.99, I had a $1.00 coupon and got back $5.00 so I made $1.01.  I had a lot of RR’s from last week so I paid very little out of pocket and I have all of these products and  lots of RR’s to spend.  I must warn you don’t use the RR’s on the same item, you won’t get another.  In other words, don’t use your $2.00 from Ecotrin to buy another Ecotrin, use it to buy Bayers.  I must also add, always be honest, if the  advertisement  says one per person that means you can only buy one–that’s it only one. 

I have given many items away either to friends or to The Good Neighbor Center or to Bags of Love.  This is a fun hobby that helps me and helps others too.

Things I LOVE

Here goes, now you will know all about me, go ahead analyze my likes see if you think I am “normal”.  In my study this morning—have I told you I am studying prayer, I was reading a book, Too Busy Not to Pray by Bill Hybels, and he mentioned not until he studied the subject of prayer did he have a meaningful prayer life.  Soooooooooooooooo I am going to give it a try, I want a meaningful prayer life and I’m excited about my study.  You may be asking what does this have to do with “things I love”—number one on my list is going to be prayer.

prayer, Jesus, God, the cross

family, Bob, Jacie, John, Brian, Robin, Katie, Jadon, Jenna, Lincoln, Rylin, and Jillian

friends, playing dress up with Jenna, talking to Lincoln on the phone,

food, bargains,

tulips, perfect temperature, the smell of grass being mowed

sewing, playing rook, chocolate, new born any thing

a clean house, new shoes, chocolate, piano music

Humming Birds, my church, a reliable car, my jobs, fabric stores,

Oh I can see my list could go on and on hummmmmmmmmmm that’s good! I have been told I have so many interests I get confused, oh did I mention I love chocolate?  LOL 

I will be in the Rocky Mountains this weekend helping with a Women’s Ministries Retreat on Leadership–pray for us as we inspire ladies for selfless service for the Lord.

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