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Women in Touch, Again

The November Women in Touch was a big hit!  Why wouldn’t it be when we visited Africa from our chairs.  325 ladies gathered to hear Terry and Dina Schwartz tell about their mission trips to Africa.

The children from Africa really tell the story, and yet they don’t.  Their happy faces and sweet smiles would make you think they didn’t have a care in the world.  The truth is they go to bed hungry most every night, they sometimes drink water just to make their tummies feel full. 

Some of them can’t even get enough water to drink and live on about one cup of water a day.  They mostly go barefoot and some have never seen their picture, they have no idea what they look like.

When I think of  the STUFF I have and what they don’t have it makes me sick.  This life is so short, why not give to others? 

In the last two years, Terry and Dina have spent more time away from home doing mission work than they have spent

Terry with Sharon Schwartz

 at home.  They are going again in January.

17 months ago Terry was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 3-6 months to live.  He has done what he needed to do for treatment and yet continues to go do what he loves best

Drinking From the Saucer

Sister Jones

Berniece, is just about the cutest little lady I have ever met.  Maybe it is because she reminds me of my mom, or maybe it is just that she is always sooooooooooooooooooo cheerful.  The reason she reminds me of my mom is because she says such funny things.  It’s like her brain is always searching for a profound thing to say.

Berniece is only 83 years old and sharp as a tack.  When anyone  asks her how she is doing she always says, “I’m so blessed that I’m drinkin’ from the saucer because my cup runneth over.” 

She has such faith in the Lord and loves to talk about Him.

I just returned from the Central States Women’s Retreat.  I ate too much.  Laughed a lot. I was reminded how cunning the devil is and how much Jesus loves me.

The Anniversary

What to say.  Married 43 years and not much to say about it.  Well, that’s not exactly true, there is plenty to say.  I can tell you 43 years has gone by quick and yet slow.  Have you ever heard that days go slow but the years go fast?  This was really true when the kids were small, sometimes those days would just drag by until daddy came home and, and, and eat supper and watch tv until bed time. LOL

That’s how it use to be, husbands didn’t help out like they do now.  I wonder why that was.  My fella would at least put the kids to bed, he almost always did that.  I gave them the bath, got the pj’s on and he would slip into the bedroom and stay with them until they would fall asleep.  Funny thing is, that seems to be the thing the kids remember.  They don’t remember all the baths, they remember dad going to bed with them and talking until they fell asleep, all three of them.

So what did we get each other?  Welllllllllllllllllllllllllll, I told Bob to skip the present there is nothing I want and the VitaMix was pretty expensive for Mother’s Day.  What did I get him? Flowers.  Yup, I did.  He told me one time when I was wishing for flowers that I have never gotten him flowers, so I fooled him and did it.  Here’s the kicker, after a few days I asked him how he liked his flowers, he said, “What flowers?”  Funny, isn’t it?  Oh well, I have enjoyed the flowers, I’m not sure he thinks of them as his.  Who knows.

So do you have the picture?  No gifts, no cards, well except for flowers.  We did go out to eat with four other people and we went to the university dairy for an ice cream cone.  You know what? It was perfect, really it’s just nice to be happy, healthy and still seeking Jesus.

Thunking Thursday

LOL how do you like my title, “Thunking Thursday”–I know you don’t get it, I don’t either.  Have you ever gone to a blog and each day of the week  has a name like; Pink Saturday, Frivolous Friday or Trivial Tuesday?  I just thought we could call Thursday, Thunking Thursday. 

On Thunking Thursday we are going to thunk or is that think.  IDK–Where did all this silliness come from so late at night?  Maybe it’s because we are going to see our little people this weekend.  Maybe it’s because we are going to see our far away little people very soon.  Or maybe it is just because we are alive and blessed.

I went to WW on Wednesday, UP one pound.  No reason not to be because I still have not totally embraced this way of eating.  It seems like I do better with less choices, in other words I am back to the fact that I have no will power.  I bought some WW ice cream bars, well in one day I had three.  Don’t smile this is serious.  Where has my will power gone?

Here is a fun recipe for Black Bean Lasagna

1 cup chopped onions

1/2 Cup chunky salsa

1 tsp. chili powder

1/2 tsp cumin

1 Cup light ricotta cheese

1 1/2 Cup shredded cheddar or Mozzarella cheese

1/2 Cup chopped green pepper

10 uncooked lasagna noodles

1 15 oz. can black beans, drained

1-28 oz. can crushed tomatoes

1 egg

Heat oven to 350, spray 13×9 inch baking dish with Pam.  In large bowl mash beans slightly stir in tomatoes, onions, peppers, salsa, chili powder and cumin.  Mix well.  In small bowl combine ricotta cheese, dash garlic powder and egg blend well.  Spread 1 cup of tomato mixture over bottom of pan, top with half of the noodles, top with half of remaining tomato mixture, spoon ricotta mixture over top spread carefully top with half of the cheese then with remaining noodles, tomato mixture, and cheese.  Cover tightly with spray coated foil and bake at 350 for 40-45 minutes or until noodles are tender.  Uncover let stand 15 minutes before serving.

Words Aren’t Enough. . .

I hope your Christmas was glorious, fun, Spiritual and filled with love for each other and God.

Mine was funny, surprising, fun, snowy and Spiritual, what more could I ask for?  I still smile when I think of Jenna opening a gift and saying with a questioning look on her face, “but I don’t remember asking for this.”

A snowy Christmas!

I know you are wondering two things:  How much weight did I gain and the big question, what did my man get me for Christmas?

First, the weight, I felt really big on the way home especially since we stopped and I had a Candy Cane Blizzard all to myself.  I gained about 4 ounces over Christmas.  I am on the wagon today, we do have some candy in the house, I am planning to stay out of it.  I am actually thinking of sending it to work with Bob.  But, it is sooooooooooooooo good.

The Huskers play in a bowl game this week, and then there is New Year’s Eve, I can see eating in my future.  How about you, how did you do over the holiday?

Can you tell I am avoiding telling you what my fella got me for Christmas?  https://nancyoutlook.wordpress.com/2009/12/09/another-surprise/. Well, it was not another stuffed bear.  You know I was waiting with great anticipation.

Here is how it played out.  I had taken the envelope downstairs to the wrapping table.  I wondered if he would remember it, mean of me I know, but I had decided not to remind him.  At the last minute he ran downstairs and wrapped it up and put it in the car.

Jenna, in her Laura Engles dress and bonnet I made for her.

Christmas morning the kids had opened about all they could stand and we decided to eat breakfast and then open some more.  Quick as a wink, Bob jumped up and grabbed his present to me and said, “open it.”  All eyes were on the quickly wrapped package.  My hands were trembling (not really), I ripped the wrapping open and it was a  . . . . . . . . . . . . .KJV electronic Bible.

Here is the surprise!

This is what I am thankful for: He took the time to buy me something he thought I would enjoy.  He thought a Bible was something I would enjoy.  He was excited about the gift.  He loves me enough to venture out and buy something I had not asked for.  He bought it without help from anyone.

It will be handy for my purse and I will keep studying on how to use it. King James is not my favorite version of the Bible but I will use this gift with warm feelings for my man.

There has to be a Spiritual lesson here somewhere, could it be that I am not always thrilled with the gifts God gives me, but with every gift there is a lesson to be learned and a growing of character and mind?

Back to the Basics. . .

Okay I know you have been lurking around, no not lurking, but at least wondering how I did this weekend.  Ahhhhhh!!!!  Here’s what I learned–exercise makes a difference.

When I went to Dallas I was almost running every day because there was so much to do.  When I fell into bed I was near d e a d, that’s right, d e a d–I was so tired.  This weekend, I didn’t get the exercise and oh I hate to tell you, I gained 3 pounds.  Yup, 3 pounds!!  So there you have it, if you don’t move you just aren’t going to keep those pounds off.

You may be wondering what I ate?  Did I stick to only 1/2 of a biscuit with gravy?  Did I eat no dessert?  Well, I am sure you already know the answer, I had a whole biscuit with lots of gravy, I usually would have had two.  I did eat 2 cookies but I did skip other desserts.  I didn’t drink any of the sweet drinks or juice, but I ate pasta.  I ate a yummy cookie called Hi-Ho’s, I will give you the recipe on Thursday.  I use to make these years ago and now I remember why I don’t make them now–I love them, that’s why.

Still in all, the weekend was wonderful and Elizabeth Talbot is such a great speaker.  God certainly blessed the weekend and I know the ladies who attended were blessed.  If you go to vop.com you will be able to get some of Elizabeth’s sermons, they are the best.

What is Active Commitment?

Gary Smally tells the story about how bad he was in math, in fact he had to repeat geometry and found himself in a class where the teacher expected  him to fail.  The teacher actually seated the class according to grades.  One morning Gary came to class and there was a substitute teacher and later the class was told the regular teacher had been reassigned.

Something the substitute teacher said changed Gary’s life.  The teacher provided a clear picture of active commitment.  Standing before the class that morning, the new teacher told them, “if anyone fails this class, then I have failed.”  The teacher made a commitment that morning to do what ever it took to see that everyone passed and he did.  He stayed after school to tutor students and even came in for special sessions on weekends; he was a dedicated teacher and wanted to see his students thrive.

In school life, children desperately need parents who will make that same type of active commitment to them.  In areas they are weak they need to be encouraged and built up.  If they really struggle perhaps a tutor would be of help.  They need to be hugged and verbally praised for their strengths.

When I think of active commitment, I think of how important it is to commit our children or grand children to the Lord, children need the certainty and security that comes from our committing them and their blessing to the Lord.  Pray with your children and let them hear you commit them to Jesus. 

The second step is committing us to our children or grand children  through time, energy and resources.

I feel discipline is another important way of actively committing ourselves to a child’s best interest.  As a grandparent I don’t want to discipline I feel it is up to the parents but I do feel it is an important step in letting children know that they are loved, safe and secure.

John Trent tells about his mom and how her bookcase was full of books that an older gray hairdo grandma usually would not have on her shelf.  Theology books, Heavy Equipment Digest and medical books on cancer and genetics.  You see these are the things her sons were interested in and she wanted to be able to talk to them about what they were doing in their life.

Here are a few hints on how to become a student of your children.

Be persistent in communicating with them.  Set up times with them when meaningful communication can develop.  I remember loving to pick my children up from school, I would learn so much at that time of day.  I just pretended I was an extension of the steering wheel and listened to all the talk.  Take them out to eat, oh my they love to talk and eat.

Share activities with your children. There is nothing like a good camping trip to open the line of communication.

Take initiative in asking questions.  Listen to them with your full attention.  I read a book called FISH and the book told about being present when you are communicating.  Especially with children it is easy to let your mind think about other things.  Have you ever carried on an entire conversation with your child or your spouse while watching television?

Most of us have experienced walking into a room and having someone’s eyes light up when they see you.  Do your eyes light up when your children or spouse come into a room to talk?  Give them your full attention.

It is not easy to be a full-time parent, it takes work and energy and it takes forgetting about self.  The effort is worthwhile, years later you will never regret the time and energy you spent on your children.  The joy of seeing your children’s life bloom and grow because you are committed to them is a blessing in itself.

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