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How’s Your Self-Esteem?

If the numbers are true at least 75% of my readers have a problem with self-esteem.  I hate it when I see my friends struggle with how they feel about who they are.  It is not simple to live in this world and not compare our looks or our worth to other women.

Excuse me but it really make me mad unhappy when I see my friend evaluate her worth on how her husband feels about her. Oh don’t get me wrong I can’t be unhappy with her I am unhappy with, with, with. . .well who am I unhappy with?  Her husband?  Maybe!  Her parents?  Perhaps!  Satan. . .that’s it, Satan!  Satan wants us to not realize how much Jesus values each of us.  After all aren’t we the bride of Christ, oh yes we are!  I wonder why we don’t feel like a beautiful bride, the bride of a king?

At Women in Touch on Monday evening, Alicia Bruxvoort spoke about the idea of being Christ’s bride and explored why we are so reluctant to put on the wedding dress.  It was a wonderful evening and Alicia hit the nail on the head, often we just don’t feel worthy.

As I explore this subject I will bring some snippets to you maybe we can each figure out a way to up our self-esteem.  Maybe we can figure out that we are worthy to be the bride of Christ.

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