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A Special Day

Can you tell Papa had some help blowing out the candles?

Can you tell Papa had some help blowing out the candles?

Yesterday was my man’s birthday!  He is. . .Well let’s just say next year we are going to have a Medicare Party.  We are looking forward to Medicare, didn’t think we would ever think it much less say it.  With the high price of health insurance we have changed our thinking. 

It shocks me to think we have grown old together, well maybe not old but at least seasoned. We use to be so young, I had long blonde, straight hair and he had hair.  I didn’t out weigh him and he was a hunk.  Here we are I am struggling with my weight and he certainly watches his weight.  My hair is brown with the help of the hairdresser and he doesn’t know where his comb is because he no longer has any hair to comb.

In my prayer for his birthday, I thanked the Lord for him.  He is a special man, he makes the bed every morning.  He lets me be me.  He never complains when I go on a trip for Women’s Ministries.  He is kind to me and he never complains about any thing I do.  He likes my cooking no matter what I make.

I like his quiet ways.  If I don’t know the answer to something he usually does.  I like the way he takes care of my car, he keeps it clean and usually makes sure I have plenty of fuel.  I appreciate the fact that he is honest and hard working.  He cries when he sees something sad.  I love his tender heart.

When I decided to marry this man, I was not a mature Christian.  It never dawned on me to pray about my decision, to ask God if He thought this man was right for me. 

I am so thankful God cares enough to stick with me even when I don’t consult him.  He never turns his back on me and he is always in my corner.  What a God.

The birthday has come and gone but when I wake up in the morning and hear my man’s  soft snore I am thankful he is beside me.  I am thankful we have given our children the example of  “sticking”.  I am thankful he is mine and I am his.  I am thankful God took a marriage that was not prayed over by us, (I am sure my mother prayed for both of us), and made it good.

PS:  Another 1 1/2 pounds down, that makes 15 1/2.  Seems slow, don’t you think?  Well, maybe not to you, your not watching your friends eat Buster Bar Dessert.  Maybe Buster Bar will be your Thursday dessert recipe, who knows.

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