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Atlanta Was the Place to Be!

These street signs were all around the streets hear the Georgia Dome

The 59th Session of the SDA General Conference was in Atlanta, GA.  It was a glorious sight to see 70,000 people who believe just like I do.  Is this a correct statement?  I think not!

What a sight

It was very obvious, as I sat in on some of the business sessions, that we are certainly not all of one mind on a lot of subjects.  We for sure are not of one mind on appropriate dress or even life style.  In the Georgia Dome, Starbucks was closed after the first day of the session. 

What I did notice is we are all looking forward to the coming of Jesus and we are excited about spreading the Good News.

There were some surprises!  This is a time when some people are not re-elected, that means they no longer have a job.  In most cases I think this comes as a surprise but what do I know, I am just a casual observer.  Another surprise is the vote to ordain deaconesses, this vote passed by a large number.

Are you holding your breath about the ordination of women into the ministry?  Maybe that’s not an important subject for you.  I will tell you this it did come up and it was agreed to ask Andrew’s University to study ordination.  Later another vote on the subject was that the General Conference will study the subject of women’s ordination and bring a report back to The Annual Council.  You ask what does all of this mean? IDK  I have a guess but think I will keep that to myself.  LOL

I really wanted to try but I just never got around to it LOL

One of my favorite parts of the whole experience were the people and the many different outfits

This is my favorite picture and I had to beg this lady to let me take it

To end a great week, in Chicago I met my little family from Singapore and we were on the same plane to Lincoln, Nebraska.  It was music to my ears to hear those little people scream “GRAMMY”  when I walked up to the gate.  I sat with Rylin and occupied her with my purse for a long time.  Lincoln sat across the aisle from me and explained exactly what the plane would do to get off the ground.  Katie was asleep on her daddy’s shoulder before the plane left the ground and Jacie had a chance to ride with another adult for about 45 minutes before RyRy wanted MOMMY.

The Lord is good, I saw much evidence of his working during the 59th Session of  my church.

Back to the Basics. . .

Okay I know you have been lurking around, no not lurking, but at least wondering how I did this weekend.  Ahhhhhh!!!!  Here’s what I learned–exercise makes a difference.

When I went to Dallas I was almost running every day because there was so much to do.  When I fell into bed I was near d e a d, that’s right, d e a d–I was so tired.  This weekend, I didn’t get the exercise and oh I hate to tell you, I gained 3 pounds.  Yup, 3 pounds!!  So there you have it, if you don’t move you just aren’t going to keep those pounds off.

You may be wondering what I ate?  Did I stick to only 1/2 of a biscuit with gravy?  Did I eat no dessert?  Well, I am sure you already know the answer, I had a whole biscuit with lots of gravy, I usually would have had two.  I did eat 2 cookies but I did skip other desserts.  I didn’t drink any of the sweet drinks or juice, but I ate pasta.  I ate a yummy cookie called Hi-Ho’s, I will give you the recipe on Thursday.  I use to make these years ago and now I remember why I don’t make them now–I love them, that’s why.

Still in all, the weekend was wonderful and Elizabeth Talbot is such a great speaker.  God certainly blessed the weekend and I know the ladies who attended were blessed.  If you go to vop.com you will be able to get some of Elizabeth’s sermons, they are the best.

It is Peach Season!

I know my faithfulness to blogging has not been the greatest.  This is my busy time of year.  Women’s Ministries events are starting and it is always exciting to attend and be a part of the conventions and retreats.

You only have 2 weeks to register for Free Indeed, this is going to be a great chance to renew your spiritual life.  Go to nadwm.org and click on Free Indeed and you will find all the details.  The hotel is great, the speakers are the best and I know God’s presence will be felt.

Here is last week’s recipe–what do they say?  Better late than never!!  This recipe is not the healthest and yet not too bad and oh so good.  Use this syrup over ice cream, pancakes or waffles.

2 Cups Peaches

3 oz. Orange Juice Concentrate

3 Tbs. Butter

1/3-1/2 /sugar

Blend or process and freeze.

When you are ready to use heat it and use as a warm syrup.


The North American Division of Women’s Ministries convention, Free Indeed is September 25-27.  Go to nadwm.org and click on Free Indeed for all information, 1582 women  have registered, isn’t that exciting?

The NAD convention was held in Toronto about 10 years ago, my friend Angel and I gave a seminar on Women in Touch.  This was an experience I will never forget.  It is just amazing to be in the presence of all that Estrogen (I am teasing).  It IS wonderful to “rub shoulders” with other women and to feel the energy that each one has for the Lord, for service and for fellowship.

Don’t forget your local retreat, I have looked over the list of speakers and I am impressed with what your conference directors and committees have put together.

Have You Registered Yet?

September 25, 26, 27,  you will want to be in Dallas, Texas.  You may be wondering why would you want to be in Texas–and I am fixin’ to tell you. (a little Texas talk)

The North American Division Women’s Ministries is having a convention, FREE INDEED.  This will be a Spiritual weekend, with dynamic speakers and break away sessions.  You won’t want to miss it.

An outreach is planned called, God in Shoes, if you register for this event you need to be at a training session on Thursday evening, September 24.  God in Shoes is a fun, fulfilling outreach idea and is something you may want to use in your conference or church.

Go to nadwm.org and click on Free Indeed and you may read all about it.  The early bird discount has been extended to July 1. 

Ya’all Come, Ya’hear!!  Did I say that right??

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