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Is Life Fair?

When I hear the phrase, “that isn’t fair” I tend to think of children, this seems to come out of their mouths often.  I don’t know it must be a universal thing.  As adults we may not say it just like the children but we may say it in other ways, or at least think it.  Why didn’t I get that promotion?  Why didn’t we inherit some money?  My friend Kay, whom I would love to tell you about some day, use to say , “life is hard and then you die.” She would always smile when she said it, but it did seem so true.  I mean really when was the last time your boss told you that you did a fabulous job and you deserve a week off with pay for the work you have done.  Or your family suggests you stay in bed one morning because you have worked so hard on cleaning the house.

In our story about Martha have you noticed she asked Jesus, “Lord, don’t you care?”  How many times have we asked the same question.

I can’t remember where I read this story but it is about a priest who served a small parish in an obscure country side (this is a parable–you know–made up) he loved his people, and they loved him, he was always doing God’s work, so two of Satan’s angels were assigned to get him off track.  They tried everything and still could not derail the priest.  Finally they called a conference with the devil himself and this is the advice Satan gave. “This is easy,” he insisted, “bring him news that his brother has been made bishop.”

Several weeks later they returned happy, the priest did not take well to the fact that his brother had been promoted, soon his joy was gone, he turned to depression, he no longer had encouraging words.  they had been replaced with grumbling and in a short time the man’s vibrant ministry had been destroyed by the green worm of envy, the black cloud of disappointment and the better conclusion of “life is not fair.”

Satan loves to distract, discourage and plant doubt.  What ever he can do to turn our eyes away from God he will do.  Don’t let it happen to you, have courage my sisters, Jesus cares.

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