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The Plunge

 Every now and then I read a blog called Digging For Treasure in the Diaper Pail.  I really like this post and thought you might also. You can find this blog at www.aliciabruxvoort.net.

   We celebrated Lizzy’s PLUNGE into double-digits with a wet and wild birthday party yesterday. Ten party-goers blessed my girl soon-to-turn-ten by spending a day with her at a waterpark.The highlight of the trip was everyone’s conquering of the biggest slide: THE PLUNGE!
     Even Hannah conquered her fear and tried the fast and furious drop. When Lizzy and her friends came to the sundeck where I was enjoying a rare moment of relaxation and dared me to take THE PLUNGE, I slipped out of my flip flops and headed for the tall tower. After climbing four stories in the air, I stood at the top of the sky-high platform and looked DOWN. My stomach flip-flopped. Lizzy and all of her friends took their turns on the big slide and then I was the only one left.
     “Just lie on your back and give yourself a push,” the lifeguard instructed. Lizzy’s party crew looked like ants at the bottom of the slide, but I could see them jumping and clapping and cheering me on.

I stepped into the swirling water. I was enjoying the party from my lawnchair I thought as I tentatively sat down at the top of the slide. The water is freezing! The drop looked daunting from my perspective. One push and I would be plunging straight down into a tiny puddle of waiting water. Oh,the things we do for our kids! I took a deep breath (and held it ALL the way to the bottom), reclined in the cold water, then grabbed the side of the slide and gave my body a push over the edge.

Water flew. My heart jumped to my throat. My body lifted off the slide, then banged back down against the wall. Adrenaline rushed. Lizzy screamed with delight, and my bulleting body came to a splashing halt.

“You did it, Mom!” Lizzy applauded. “Wasn’t that AWESOME?”

As I headed up the steps to do it all over again, I decided that the waterslide was an apt picture of my life with Jesus. Following Him is an amazing RIDE, but sometimes the hardest part is simply taking THE PLUNGE of obedience. 

“I want you and your family to move.”

“Are you kidding, Lord? I’m happy right here in my lawnchair. See? I have friends, a great church, a thriving ministry….”

“I want you to surrender family planning to Me.”

“But, Lord, I already have a picture in mind. I think I can handle three kids, God. You know, Rob works long hours and I have some dreams I want to pursue…”

“It’s time to give your husband the reigns. I created him to be the head of your family. Get out of the way and let him become the man I’ve dreamed him to be.”

“But, Lord, he’s too busy to lead well. And he doesn’t have the vision I do, and….”

And for every argument I have, the Author of this adventure called life urges, “JUST TAKE THE PLUNGE!”

And tentatively, I push my wary heart over the edge of my comfort zone and I hear my Savior cheer and holler, “Wasn’t that an  AWESOME ride? How did you like those splashes of joy? Didn’t you love that adrenaline pumping rush of dependancy on ME? Did you feel your heart lift off the ground and soar?”

And as soon as I reach the end of my challenge, Jesus grabs my hand and says, “Come on! Let’s Do it Again!”

Today’s Overflow:  “Come!” Jesus said. So Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on water toward Jesus.”Matthew 14:29-30  

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