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Saying Good-bye

How do you do it?  How do you say good-bye?  I always cry, well nearly always cry, when our little families leave for home.  I try not to cry, I even pray about it but I hate to think of not seeing them for a few weeks or months.

Today was a forever good-bye, you guessed it a funeral.  Eunice and Duane have been married 30 years it wasn’t time to say farewell.  Eunice was brave today, but when the day in and day out routine starts again I know she will miss Duane.

God never intended life to be like this and yet here we are in a big pickle.  Death is just around the corner for all of us.  Oh my, how did I get so morbid today?

Again and again I pledge to be nicer and more loving to everyone I know and then I fail.  I did tie a strangers shoe today, she  was too old to bend over and do it herself.  Does that count towards being nice, is it enough?

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