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The Surprise II

Have you been wondering about the surprise I told you about.  Me too!  My man has now told both of our children what’s in the brown envelope that arrived two days ago. 

Let me describe that envelope to you–it is brown, about 11×14 and came from Heartland–what’s that?  The envelope is not full and the object does not bend.  That’s all I know.

The envelope stayed on the kitchen counter until I couldn’t take it any longer so I moved it downstairs to the wrapping table.

I asked my daughter if she thinks I will like it, she didn’t exactly assure me that I would.  She was noncommittal.

There you have it–what do you think?

Another Surprise

This is the season for secrets and surprises.  I don’t know if you remember my story about my man and his gift giving?  Remember the big surprise under the tree that I was so excited about and it turned out to be a great big stuffed Christmas bear?  Well, join me in the new Christmas saga.

We don’t say much about Christmas we just get the decorations up and I start wrapping gifts that I have been gathering all year-long.  Finally this morning I asked, “What do you want for Christmas?”  Now mind you I have already gotten his gift and it is under the tree.  He said exactly what I thought he would say, “I don’t want anything.”  Now what do you think he would do if I got him what he wants–nothing? 

He then said, “Oh, your Christmas present will be arriving in the mail this week.”  HA!  I was shocked, in the mail!  He has actually ordered something for me!  I said, “Really, where is it coming from?”  He let me know he saw a catalog and found something he just knows I am going to love.  Oh boy, what if I don’t just love it?  I am nervous, excited and curious.  Can you blame me?

Well time will tell what he has come up with.  We don’t believe in just saying, “Oh let’s get new carpet and call it our Christmas present to each other.”  What fun is that?  You are going to carpet if you need to but where is the element of surprise, the element of putting your self out a little and coming up with SOMETHING–if it is only a chocolate covered peppermint stick.  At least it is a surprise that you gave some thought to.

I will keep you posted on the package maybe you can help me guess what it is.

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