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He’s Gone

Today my son went back to the other side of the world.  I hate it!  I know I told you in the post about “My Boy” that we raise them to fly away, but do they have to go so far? 

I am terrible at saying goodbye, I would just as soon ignore the fact that anyone is leaving.  One of my best friends moved away last week and I didn’t even go over to say goodbye, I could hardly crook out, ” I will miss you”.  I didn’t want her to know I could really start bawling.  Why is it so hard to say good bye, the tears are rolling down my face right now as I write.  My daughter in love is still here with the 3 munchkins so we will still have plenty of action. 

Sorry, don’t want to be a downer . . . so on a lighter note, I have lost 20 some inches and 12 official pounds.  Not too bad for one month.

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