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Thirty Dresses For. . . .

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Cynthia are you having fun?

Cynthia are you having fun?


I don’t know a woman alive who does not love a wedding.  You should have seen the sparkling eyes of the ladies who came to Women in Touch.  The program starts at 6:30 sharp, our greeters were in place by 5:30 because the ladies come early to get just the right seat and to save for their friends.

Our devotional was by a young woman who spoke about, what else but  marriage.  I love hearing young women speak, I always learn something.  The reminder Teresa gave me was to work on changing me not my spouse–a great reminder for especially me.

The decorations were simple but elegant and lovely.  For this event we even had cloth napkins and table runners.

We had 30 bridal gowns, the oldest dress was over 70 years old and still so very lovely.   We had a wonderful variety of dresses and a very fun evening.

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