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Twelve for Dinner

LOL I know you are thinking about Martha and how she seemed to always have at least twelve stopping at her house for dinner, meetings and probably even as overnight guests.  That Mary really should have been more help but after all she was sitting at the feet of Jesus.  I might add I need to sit at the feet of Jesus a little more myself.

When you see the pan in the middle of the table you know we aren't very formal!

Sabbath for lunch we had twelve and six were the little people.  They are funny as can be and we had so much fun just watching them.  Meal time was really fun, we have one who loves to eat and we have one who pretty much only likes toast and butter.

We had lots of fun outside riding the pink jeep and playing in the sun.  They love the water and especially turning on the hose and watering the sidewalk. We had lots of fun at the park.

Here they are!

The parents of these kids are amazing.  They seem to take everything in stride.  I wonder how I was as a parent, it seems I have forgotten.

Now the house is empty, the mess is nearly cleaned up and I don’t like it so neat and clean.  I miss the noise, the clutter, the Lego’s, the paper, markers and scissors.  I have cleaned the finger prints off the doors and windows  now I wish they were still there.  It was over so fast.
Family, God sure knew what he was doing when He created families.  As I reflect on the happenings in this world it makes me look forward to heaven.  Just think of the great big family we will have when we get to heaven.
I must confess I have not made this recipe but it looks and sounds so good.  I would just substitute the meat with either humus or a chicken substitute.


Greek Style Pita Sandwiches
Recipe by Our Best Bites
12 oz  boneless skinless chicken, sliced into 1/4″ slices
1 Tablespoon olive oil
2 teaspoons minced garlic
1 1/2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice
2  teaspoons minced fresh oregano
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
1/4 tsp black pepper

1/4 C diced tomato
1/4 C diced cucumber
2 Tablespoons diced red onion

6 Tablespoons Greek Style Yogurt
1/2 teaspoon lemon zest
1/2 Tablespoon fresh minced parsley
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

4 Lettuce leaves
4 pita bread halves
2-3 Tbs crumbled Athenos Feta cheese

Combine meat, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, oregano, 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt and 1/4 teaspoon pepper in a shallow dish and set aside.  Heat a medium skillet to medium high heat.  While pan is heating, combine Greek yogurt, lemon zest, parsley and 1/4 teaspoon salt and set in fridge to chill.  Add meat mixture to pan and cook for 3-4 minutes, stirring frequently, until meat is cooked through and then remove from heat.   Combine tomato, cucumber, and red onion.  Too assemble, place one lettuce leaf in each pita.  Divide meat mixture between pitas, add cucumber and tomato mixture and then top with yogurt sauce and a sprinkle of feta. 

Atlanta Was the Place to Be!

These street signs were all around the streets hear the Georgia Dome

The 59th Session of the SDA General Conference was in Atlanta, GA.  It was a glorious sight to see 70,000 people who believe just like I do.  Is this a correct statement?  I think not!

What a sight

It was very obvious, as I sat in on some of the business sessions, that we are certainly not all of one mind on a lot of subjects.  We for sure are not of one mind on appropriate dress or even life style.  In the Georgia Dome, Starbucks was closed after the first day of the session. 

What I did notice is we are all looking forward to the coming of Jesus and we are excited about spreading the Good News.

There were some surprises!  This is a time when some people are not re-elected, that means they no longer have a job.  In most cases I think this comes as a surprise but what do I know, I am just a casual observer.  Another surprise is the vote to ordain deaconesses, this vote passed by a large number.

Are you holding your breath about the ordination of women into the ministry?  Maybe that’s not an important subject for you.  I will tell you this it did come up and it was agreed to ask Andrew’s University to study ordination.  Later another vote on the subject was that the General Conference will study the subject of women’s ordination and bring a report back to The Annual Council.  You ask what does all of this mean? IDK  I have a guess but think I will keep that to myself.  LOL

I really wanted to try but I just never got around to it LOL

One of my favorite parts of the whole experience were the people and the many different outfits

This is my favorite picture and I had to beg this lady to let me take it

To end a great week, in Chicago I met my little family from Singapore and we were on the same plane to Lincoln, Nebraska.  It was music to my ears to hear those little people scream “GRAMMY”  when I walked up to the gate.  I sat with Rylin and occupied her with my purse for a long time.  Lincoln sat across the aisle from me and explained exactly what the plane would do to get off the ground.  Katie was asleep on her daddy’s shoulder before the plane left the ground and Jacie had a chance to ride with another adult for about 45 minutes before RyRy wanted MOMMY.

The Lord is good, I saw much evidence of his working during the 59th Session of  my church.

It’s Crunch Time

What happened to the lazy, hazy days of summer?  When I was a kid it seemed like summer lasted forever.  When I was a young mom by the time summer ended I was really ready to get those kids back on a schedule.  Now that I am an empty nester, LOL who am I kidding I am long past being an empty nester.  My nest has dried up and blown out of the tree.  The older I get the faster time goes.  Is it just me that this has happened to?

I hate how fast time flies!  I feel like summer is almost over and it doesn’t help that I am getting ready to take a trip to Atlanta and will be gone for 10 days.  My far away kids arrive in Lincoln the same day I do.  Won’t that be fun?  Speaking of fun I will actually be on the same plane with them from Chicago.  I can’t wait.

However, between now and then I have plenty to do and only a week to get it done.  We have a birthday to celebrate, yup, my fella is having a BIG birthday. I won’t tell what it is but it’s pretty big.  We need to celebrate.  I have bread to bake, granola to make and a downstairs to get ready for action.  For five days ALL of the kids and grands will be here, just think of the fun we will have with a 12, 7, 5,4,2 and 1-year-old.  I would guess we will all fall into bed each night. Well, everyone but the kids.

Oh, you want to know about Weight Watchers–well finally I settled down and lost 3.7 pounds this week.  I know it’s not very good but it’s not WW fault it’s mine.

When we use to visit my husband’s parents his mom would always make Swedish Pancakes–my son loves them.  Today they are mostly called Crepes.

Put in a blender

 2 eggs

2 T oil

3 T sugar

1 Cup flour

1 1/3 milk

Blend well.  This is actually better if you make the batter the night before.  Spray your non-stick skillet and get it pretty hot and just pour enough batter to coat the bottom of the pan.  Don’t turn the crepe over until it is almost cooked through then flip it over and roll it up.  These are really yummy and you can either use syrup or grandma served them with blueberries.

Going Down Memory Lane

Today I spent a lot of time putting my slides on the computer.  It is time consuming and yet I have enjoyed the memories.  I’ve found photo’s of us when we were young, they are pretty funny really.  Bob with his sideburns and mustache and me with my hair piled high on top of my head.

The pictures of our little children have been so fun to see.  I remember every little outfit and how really cute they looked.  I love their smiles and their little arms and legs brown from the kiss of sunshine.  Those were happy times.  It makes me sad when I think of the times I wished the days away because I was tired.  Being a stay at home mom can be pretty hectic.  I would love to have another shot at raising those children, I think I would do a lot better job.  I have learned a lot about child rearing from watching my own children raise my grandchildren.  I would like to try it once more.  Well maybe not at least not at the age I am now. LOL seems young parents today are better equip for parenting, they have better books and more support groups.  They seem to realize it takes a village to raise children. Anyway, my hat is off to every young parent.  It’s not an easy job.

As a grandma, I was thinking about what I can do to support my children as they raise my grandchildren.  Then I thought about what I can do for any young parent as they try their best to raise responsible children.  I think one of the best things is to just let them know they are doing a great job.  Let them know you realize it isn’t easy but it’s worth it.  Let them know you are proud of them and their parenting style. 

Now the hard part, what if you don’t really agree with how your children are raising your grandchildren.  I am a stong believer in asking the Lord to shut the lion’s mouth.  The lion being you know who!  If you are asked for an opinion feel free to gently give it if you aren’t keep quiet.  It’s hard but necessary.  I opened my mouth once to one of my extended kids, I felt the dad was too hard on his son.  Our relationship has not been quite the same since.  I don’t think my comment changed a thing for the child but it did change the relationship between my extended son and me.

So there you have it just a little thought for the day. LOL

Skype! Have You Heard of it?

I would guess if you’re a grandparent of little ones who live far, far away you have heard of and used Skype!  I love it.  I just love hearing our little kids and the big ones too and then seeing them is just icing on the cake.

Can you tell we just hung up from talking to our far away kids?  Our 4-year-old wanted to see the snow, he can’t catch the idea that when it is day at his house it is night at ours.  The two-year old  was eager to tell us that she has fun at Sabbath School and the 11-year-old let us know she was hungry.  We didn’t talk long, but just enough to make us lonely to put our hands on those kids.

Have you ever wondered about Jesus, does he tune into us like we do on Skype?  Does he have a big control room where he can just check in on any one at any time?  Just how does it work for Him.  Have you ever thought about what HE does all day?  Does he just sit around in his kingly room and listen to the angels play their harps?  Now and then tuning in to earth to see how things are going.

I am reading a book that suggests Jesus is in heaven working, actually looking for people like us to help him with his work.  To maybe even help out with a miracle or two.  Can you imagine?  The author suggests every day we must do what Isaiah did and say, “Here am I Lord, send me.”  Think about it wouldn’t it be fun to be in on some miracles, even partner with Jesus on a little surprise here or a helping hand there.  I like this idea a lot.

Let’s try to make it a habit to tell Jesus  we are willing to partner with Him.  I think it will be, as Dr. Phil says, –a life changing day.

Think about this:

1.  Do the right thing

2.  Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful.

3.  God heals everything

5.  However good or bad a situation is, it will change

6. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

7.  The best is yet to come

Wish I Had Taken a Picture

When we arrived in Kansas to see our family we could tell there was something astir.  The two older grands were dancing with excitement.

  I think I have told you when we visit each others home we usually leave a pillow gift under the pillow for the first night. The gifts are usually small but this time it was a really big surprise.  We sleep downstairs and there is no bathroom so you can imagine the middle of the night trips up the stairs.  Guess what?  We are getting a bathroom!!!!  I told them I think they are getting ready for us to move in.  They made no comment on that idea.  Just to be safe I think I will get a name plate for the door like “grandma and grandpa’s room.”  Do you think that would be subtle enough?

I found a candle, sweet pictures of baby and some original art by the older kids.  Grandpa found a dark chocolate bar under his pillow.

What we really found was a precious family.  We just love spending time with them and watching the activity.  The best is watching these parents daily teach our grands about Jesus.

Today was weigh in day–down 1/2 pound–that is 37 1/2.  This weekend I go to MN for a retreat–need I say more?

I am Putty in His Hands. . .


We, my man and I, made the trip to Broken Arrow Ranch this weekend.  We arrived excited because 3 of our 6 grand kids and their parents would be meeting us there.

I know they are wondering if Mar Mar will make it to the top!

I know they are wondering if Mar Mar will make it to the top!

The kids couldn’t wait to show us “our cabin”, so we took the two  l o n g flights of stairs to our barn as some of the little ones called it.  Jadon wanted to know where I was sleeping and when I told him top bunk his eyes just sparkled, so it had to be.

Oh this is fun!!

Oh this is fun!!

Now when he  informed his mother that MarMar was sleeping on the top bunk right next to him, his mothers eyes did not shine, in fact they looked rather skeptical and questioning.  I nodded my head in agreement and so it was.  Jadon was so excited to see me climb up the ladder, I was excited to be able to do it.  We had a little pillow toss and then we settled down for a good rest. LOL!  Top bunk is not a bad place to be until. . . you have get up and go potty in the middle of the night, but even that was worth the fun I had watching my buddy watch me.

God certainly knew what he was doing when he made children, they are such a delight to this world.  It would be a very boring place without the sparkling eyes, giggles, cute words, pretend tea parties, pillow fights, sweet hugs and kisses from those little punkins.

I am so thankful to have lived long enough to experience the joy of children and the joy of  knowing they will be going home with their parents.  Not that I wouldn’t raise them if I needed to but thankful that they have wise parents who are doing a better job than I could do.

NEWS FLASH–30 official pounds off!!  Dillards had a great sale 50% off and then another 40%, I bought some pants—-size—are you ready 14.  I know, I know that’s not small but compared to a, a, a, 18 or 20 it is.  Trust me I am not a slim jim, but I can sleep on the top bunk LOL.

Have You Witnessed Love?

I love rain, thunder, lightening, actually I love–love!  I think I have always been in love, even when I was only 5 years old I distinctly remember declaring my love for someone.

I have experienced love, I have watched love.  I have seen a mother look at her newborn baby with the eyes of an eagle, I saw a three year old brother look at his new baby sister and say–“she’s beautiful, mama.” I have seen a couple wanting a baby for so long and the look when they could finally say we are pregnant. I have watched two people who have discovered fresh love and realize one can’t live without the other. I have seen a little girl, only 7 years old, kiss her mama’s tummy telling her baby brother good night.  I have seen this same child running to greet her grandmothers yelling at the top of her voice, “wait ’til you see mom’s belly, it’s big,” and then watching with pride as the grandmothers nod their heads in agreement. I have seen a loving daughter sitting by her father’s bedside pleading with him to ask Jesus into his heart, he is dying and she knows it. I have seen a husband looking so pitiful as he remembers the fun loving woman he married so many years ago and now she  doesn’t recognize him.  I have heard the cry of a woman wishing her husband loved her enough to make their marriage work. I just finished reading about the love of Jesus for each of us, I have felt that love and am thankful.

So you see, whether it is the love we have for our child, our husband, our friend, our parents, our Lord, it is powerful, it is real and it is necessary.

I challenge you to love with all your heart, love your enemies, love those you are leery of loving, love as Jesus loved, love like everyone is your brother or sister.  It is Biblical.

Psalm 37:4 goes something like this–If you will make God the chief affection of your inmost heart. . .meaning delight yourself in the Lord, find pleasure and joy in him, get to know him well.  HE WILL GIVE YOU THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART.

God wants you, his daughters, to have the desires of your heart–he is a passionate God.  He has deep, moving desires for his creation and one of those is an intimacy with you.  He created you to be happiest when you are passionate about him, affectionate to him.

I love this text and I know you do too, Jeremiah 29:11  “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to five you hope and a future.”

Please let’s unwrap the gift of happiness, let’s throw away the wrapping and keep happiness and love in our hearts by being passionate and affectionate about Jesus.

Making Memories

Tonight as I am writing this post, I have a grandchild asleep on the bedroom floor.  She is 11, she was 4 the first time I ever saw her, I thought she was special then and I still do.

It’s not easy being the oldest, but we can’t do any thing about that.  I told her the other day that we are all learning how to be parents and grandparents on her.  The little kids will have it easy because she is blazing the trail.

When I became a grandmother I knew I wanted to help make some special memories for these little ones.

I have a special drawer for each grandchild and trust me the minute they get in the door they head for their drawer.  They find all kinds of treasures that I have stacked in the drawer.  Their parents get a pillow gift the first night of each visit.  It may be a cap, special soap, a grapefruit, perfume, a book, or even chocolate.

I have a book for each grandchild and I write cute things they say or do.  I keep things they give to me, or things they write.  I did this for my children also and these kids love to have me read their book to them. This morning the 11 year old told me that kids her age like to be with younger kids, kids their own age or sometimes adults.  They don’t like to be with older kids.  I asked her why and she said, “because they might talk mathmatically.” LOL

Each child has a certain color of stationary and when that color comes in the mail they know it is a letter from MarMar, Mom Mo, Grammy or Nana.  They all call me a different name, sometimes I don’t even know my own name. The eleven year old told me today, she thinks she will call me Gram, she likes it better. 

We often pitch a tent in our bedroom and when they come to visit that’s where they like to sleep.  Lately our Kansas group prefers sleeping downstairs near mom and dad.

If you are a grandparent I hope you are making some memories with your little ones.  I know they get into things and they are kind of messy, but every thing washes.  The more children know we are crazy about them the better off they are.  My desire is for my grandchildren to know Jesus as a kind, loving friend.  I want them to see Jesus in me.

All That Doesn’t Meet the Eye

I found this story in a  magazine called Grands, I love this story and it is so true.  Let’s not judge any person, no matter what they look like or how they act.

I’m really proud of my grandson, Drew.  The first thing he did when he turned 14 was get a job.  After several months of blowing his pay on CDs and junk food, he made the decision to have $35.35 out of each paycheck automatically placed in a savings account. 

When United Way made their pitch, Drew pledged an additional $20 a paycheck to United Way.

He then made it clear that he would now be responsible for getting himself to work after school, no more rides from me.  Drew’s bus drops him off a 3:45–plenty of time to walk home, put on his Publix uniform, jump on his bike and be at work by 4:30 p.m.

One afternoon, he showed up at 4:15 accompanied by his friends Zack and Shadow.

“You’re late!” I yelled. “Your uniform is upstairs.  I’ll drive you to work!”

As Drew dashed upstairs, Zack and Shadow walked across the living room slowly and sat down next to each other on the couch.  They looked solemn and stared straight at me like zombies.

Sporting a multicolored Mohawk haircut, Shadow wore solid black clothing and a lot of metal.  Zack was also dressed head to toe in black, with his dyed jet-black hair framing a pale face.  His heavy black eyeliner matched his black lacquered fingernails.

“Why are you here?” I asked them.

No answer.

“Don’t you know Drew has to go to work now?”

No answer.

About that time Drew crashed down the stairs yanking his apron over his head, and headed for the front door.

“Let’s go, I’m late!”

My eyes darted back and forth between Drew and his two friends on the couch.  Something was wrong.  Something was very wrong.  Then it dawned on me.  Drew had no eyebrows!!

My big, beautiful boy, my responsible grandson, the philanthropist, had no eyebrows.  His face was. . .bald.

“We went over to Heather’s house when we got off the bus, and she did it as a joke,” he said, hanging his head and peeping out from under. . .no eyebrows. “She told me to close my eyes, and she pretended she was putting on eyebrow pencil, but instead, she shaved them off.”

Pretty Heather, who lived in the neighborhood and had gone to school with the boys since second grade?  Heather had done this, while Drew’s friends looked on?

“I cried when I looked in the mirror,” said Drew.  He looked over quickly at Zack and Shadow.  Zack and Shadow were sitting like statues.

Shadow’s mouth quivered, “So, we shaved our eyebrows off, too,” he said.

I looked again.  It was true.  Zack and Shadow did look even stranger than usual.

It took nearly a month for Drew to grow new eyebrows. But then, it had taken me nearly a lifetime to learn the lesson: Never again will I judge teenagers simply on their appearance.

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