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Going Home!

Funny thing, when I leave for a trip I am always kind of excited, I love my women’s ministries job and actually never consider it a job. For one reason or another I will sometimes extend the trip for a day or two.  This time my friend wanted to do some shopping.  She loves to shop, I would rather have gone to Disney World–I never get tired of Micky Mouse.

I am always sorry when I extend a trip–I am just naturally drawn towards home. I love to be home.  I hope you feel that tug towards  home too.  I don’t know maybe it’s my bed I miss or perhaps it’s my sewing machine but to be honest it’s my fella.  I just miss him when I am away.  It’s because I know him so well and he knows me.  We just seem to fit each other pretty well.  It hasn’t always been like this in the early days of marriage  I would have extended my trip for weeks if given the chance.

You know where I am going with this–I’ve talked about it before–it’s the nudge toward home.  We are given a natural restlessness just to make us long for our heavenly home.  The more we get to know our Father the more we want to go home.  The more we long for heaven, the more we want the rest and peace we find when we depend on Him.

I do have some news for you–if you are planning a trip to Orlando and want to go to Disney World or Epcot, go to the Disney website.  Click on Give a Day–Get a day and follow the instructions.  If you volunteer in one of their projects in your community they will give you a free ticket to DW or Epcot.  Can’t beat that.  I can tell you it would have been a whole lot cheaper for me to pay full price for DW than to go shopping.


Is It Over?

Sometimes we look forward to something and then when it gets here it’s not what we thought.  Like winter.  When it is so blazing hot I am truly wishing for winter.  I love snow, I love to decorate for Christmas, I love sitting by the fire, I really like sweater weather.

That’s a funny name sweater weather–but you know what I mean.  I like the coolness of winter but when it really rolls around and the coolness changes into the harsh reality of COLD, I don’t like it.  I am just fickle. Now I am wondering is winter over yet?

Last week I was so looking forward to visiting our kids in Kansas.  The minute we walked in the door our Jenna girl announced that she was going back home with us.  She has so been looking forward to it and so have we.  Yesterday was the day to come  home and we all held our breath wondering if she would really go though with it.  She did!

I sure hope she doesn’t have the same experience I have with the weather–looking forward to it and then disappointed with the out come.  Last night she wanted company for supper and wanted to eat fried egg sandwiches and ice cream.  So we did exactly that.  Today she wants to go to the Children’s Museum and eat at Valentino’s and guess what?  We are doing exactly that.  This morning she wants more eggs for breakfast and that’s what she is having.  LOL  On the way home we stopped for fuel and I asked her if she needed some chocolate, she said she did and then informed me her mom would probably fire me for letting her have chocolate.  LOL  She just now came to me and said, “so far I am having fun, so I think I will have to come more often.”  Makes a grandma’s heart sing.

Disappointment in life is not a fun thing but it is all around us.  Try as I will to make Jenna’s stay perfect I know it won’t be.  Do we have to get use to expecting disappointment? IDK  I do know there will be no disappointment in heaven–and that is for sure.

Longing for Home

Have you ever been away from home too long?  Have you ever felt that sickening disease called homesickness? I mean you can be staying at the best hotel in town and still miss the place you call home.

When you’re home, you belong.  Home is the place you “hang your hat.” Home is the place where you can always go.  Even after I had been married for years, any time we were going to visit my parents I was going home.  They had to take me in, I may not always deserve to be take in but my parents would even leave the light on for me.

Think of this, and this statement comes from John Ortberg. “If there is no God, there is no home. The universe is a blind and pitiless machine.  Human beings appeared in it by accident.  We have minds and consciousness and desires and hopes, but the forces of the universe will one day crush them all, and us along with them.  We don’t belong here.  The Bible, on the other hand, indicates that the reason we love the earth so much is that God made it to be our home.

It is our home for now, but do you ever have the lonely feeling, that you aren’t really there yet?  The Bible even says we should not let our souls get too wrapped up around what is called the world.

Jesus said, “Let not your heart be troubled. . .In my Father’s house are many mansions, if it were not so, I would have told you.  I am going there to prepare a place for you.”  John 14:1-2

I think our faith grows when we get the picture  of the mansions He is building, when we really picture our heavenly home. When we are homesick for heaven.

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