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The Find

A couple of weekend’s ago Bob found a purse similar to this one.  He found it in a parking lot and when he rummaged through the purse he found it contained a lot of money.  He also found a drivers license of a 90 some year old woman and a cell phone.  He started calling the numbers on the cell phone and found the daughter of the 90-year-old and told her that he thought he had a purse belonging to her mother.

He took the purse to the daughter she gave him $100 for being honest.  She wanted his phone number and name so she could tell her mother who lives about 100 miles from Lincoln. 

The mother called and talked to Bob for about 30 minutes about how thankful she was to have the purse back.  She had been riding with the daughter who lives with her. The purse actually belonged to the daughter.  She had put it on top of the car as she helped her mother buckle up.  When they realized the purse was gone they looked for over 2 hours and finally gave up and drove the 100 miles back home without the purse stuffed with money.

During the phone call the daughter asked if we would go to lunch with them the next time they came to Lincoln because they wanted to treat us to a meal and meet the honest man who returned the purse.

Friday was the big day.  We met at Village Inn, they hugged and kissed us several times, invited us to come to Schyler to spend the night at their home and promised to stay in touch.  We visited for at least 2 hours and at that we were all reluctant to say good-bye.

We told them Bob donated the $100 to our school for classroom renovation.  They wanted to know what church we attend.  They wanted Bob to go to the TV station with them so they could tell the story and have it on TV.  LOL  I heard him say, he doesn’t like publicity and really didn’t want to do that.  They just wanted to really show how much they appreciated getting their money back.  The mother let us know from now on she will be carrying her own checkbook.  Teasing of course.

It was a good day, they were grateful to know there are still honest people in this world and we were blessed to have met such real people.  There were no pretenses it was just all ordinary people brought together under an odd circumstance.  A black purse filled with money.

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