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I don’t like that word very well–mother-in-law–it reminds me of the plant my mom had many years ago called a Mother-In-Law’s Tongue–what does that mean any way?

Daughter-in-law–my daughter-in-love is too wonderful to be called an “in-law”, she is my daughter–we are alike in many ways, we love the same boy  man,(just in a different way), we like love chocolate, we like shoes, we both work on our weight (she does a much better job of this), we both love Jesus.   I love her.

Son-in-law, what a name for someone as precious and kind as my son-in-love.  He is someone special, trust-worthy, kind and he loves my daughter. He lets his children know they are special to him, I have never seen him impatient with them.  He deserves a name like–special son–or something even better.

42 years ago when Bob and I started our life together we never imagined we could produce, either directly or indirectly,  such special people–here we are two imperfect people and we have 6 grandkids and 4 kids, and they are all “the apple of our eye”.   Is love blind?  I don’t think so.

I hope you regularly tell the “loves” in you life how much they mean to you and how pleased you are to have them in your family.

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