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Live, Love, Grow and Leave A Legacy

Fall is coming, I always think about my mom–actually I think of her a lot as the seasons change from one to the next. I just visited her only living sybling last weekend. MomAunt Ina 024 loved to plant and harvest, loved to take care of her plants and gardens.  She was 36 when I was born and my brother was 8 years older than I.  She had 2 boys stillborn before my brother.  Mom was a remarkable woman, who learned to live with a disability, learned to love when it was not easy and certainly grew as a woman and she did leave a legacy.  I think she actually lived by the words “Live, Love, Grow and Leave a Legacy.”

Stephen Covey says the four basic needs of all people are to Live or survive, love, in other word have relationships and to grow by learning and to leave a legacy, which means to make a contribution to those left behind.

Let’s talk about living or surviving.  The living part seems simple you are born but to survive my not be so simple.  Several years ago I attended my 40th class reunion and I heard some real stories of survival.  Have you heard the expression, life is hard and then you die?  I use to get a good laugh over that when I saw it on a Hallmark card, but not any more life can be very hard and I realized it as I heard the stories of my classmates. 

Have you seen the survival kits?  There are lots of them, survival kit for the new mom, grandma, teenager, single woman, I have my own survival ideas and here they are.

1.  For the body–assume you have had a heart attack–now live accordingly.

2.  For the mind–assume that the life of your profession is 4 years and you are on the 3rd year, prepare accordingly.

3.  For the heart–assume everything you say about another, they can overhear, now speak accordingly.

4.  For the spirit–assume you have a one on one visit with your Creator every quarter, now live accordingly.

We were all created to live life with a purpose in mind.  I have learned that my God given purpose is the same as yours.  God designed each one of us to connect with others, know and become more like Christ, serve in ministry, magnify Him with our lives and share the good news of the gospel.

I want my life purpose to have a DO-BE-DO ring;  Do today what God is asking me to do today in my family, church and community.  BE more like Christ and then, DO the distinct and bold work God has specifically designed for me to do before I die.  (I think I took this from one of John Ortberg’s books)

I challenge you to find the do-be-do reality in your own life.

PS–You may be wondering about the weight, yesterday was weigh in day.  DOWN 2 1/2 pounds with the grand total of 25 pounds.  Now think of that in terms of a 25 pound bag of flour, I would hate to carry that bag around all day long and yet that is exactly what I was doing.

You may be wondering if I feel better?  I never felt bad but I will tell you this, I loved sitting on the plane and my thighs didn’t touch the person beside me.  Walking up the stairs to get on the plane was easy, and hiking in the Colorado mountains seems not so difficult. AND shopping at Chico’s and fitting into 2.5 jeans was the icing on the cake.

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