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Making Memories

Tonight as I am writing this post, I have a grandchild asleep on the bedroom floor.  She is 11, she was 4 the first time I ever saw her, I thought she was special then and I still do.

It’s not easy being the oldest, but we can’t do any thing about that.  I told her the other day that we are all learning how to be parents and grandparents on her.  The little kids will have it easy because she is blazing the trail.

When I became a grandmother I knew I wanted to help make some special memories for these little ones.

I have a special drawer for each grandchild and trust me the minute they get in the door they head for their drawer.  They find all kinds of treasures that I have stacked in the drawer.  Their parents get a pillow gift the first night of each visit.  It may be a cap, special soap, a grapefruit, perfume, a book, or even chocolate.

I have a book for each grandchild and I write cute things they say or do.  I keep things they give to me, or things they write.  I did this for my children also and these kids love to have me read their book to them. This morning the 11 year old told me that kids her age like to be with younger kids, kids their own age or sometimes adults.  They don’t like to be with older kids.  I asked her why and she said, “because they might talk mathmatically.” LOL

Each child has a certain color of stationary and when that color comes in the mail they know it is a letter from MarMar, Mom Mo, Grammy or Nana.  They all call me a different name, sometimes I don’t even know my own name. The eleven year old told me today, she thinks she will call me Gram, she likes it better. 

We often pitch a tent in our bedroom and when they come to visit that’s where they like to sleep.  Lately our Kansas group prefers sleeping downstairs near mom and dad.

If you are a grandparent I hope you are making some memories with your little ones.  I know they get into things and they are kind of messy, but every thing washes.  The more children know we are crazy about them the better off they are.  My desire is for my grandchildren to know Jesus as a kind, loving friend.  I want them to see Jesus in me.

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