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There is No Good Definition of Happiness

The dictionary defines happiness as; Characterized by good luck; fortunate, enjoying, showing, or marked by pleasure, being especially well-adapted, cheerful. Do you like any of these definitions?

Once I saw a newspaper advertisement That read, “If you are not completely satisfied with your life, give us a call.”  This is a perfect add because who in the world is completely satisfied with their life?

The truth is we are completely satisfied with nothing.

The reason is human nature. What ever we want–love, money, attention, pleasure, food, security–cannot be supplied to completely satisfy.  I think our human nature is the biggest obstacle to happiness. 

I have a friend who is never happy, in my eyes she has everything, a lovely home, a loving husband and plenty of money.  It isn’t enough, she still has a problem with happiness.

Could it be that our brain can determine our happiness.  When my little grand kids get cranky their mother always tells them that it’s up to them to decide to be happy.  I think she is on to something that we all need to do.  Decide to be happy.  We can decide to be satisfied with what we have.  A poor person who decides to be happy with what little they have is much happier than the wealthy person who is unhappy because they want more.

If we are not satisfied with what we have, will we allow that to make us unhappy?  For sure dissatisfaction does not have to make us unhappy.  Oh I know I’m not making sense out of this but this is what I know.  Someone my age (young) has terminal cancer–I don’t know her well enough to know if she has been satisfied with her life.  I do know as I look at my life, I don’t want to wasted any time being unhappy with life.  There are things I can be dissatisfied about but I want with all my heart to be happy from the inside-out.

I have noticed, I really am much happier and satisfied when I have spent a good amount of time in the WORD.  It just stands to reason that the Lord fills my needs, my heart, my longings with gems from His WORD.

Where Does Your Money Go?

We are almost finished with Financial Peace University!  We have learned a lot.  I only wish we had taken a class like this 40 years ago.  When I think about how I have spent money it makes me sick.

Oh sure we educated two children through college (no subsidy) and they came out with no debt.  We don’t have any credit card debt.  We have paid off one house and then built one we are still paying for.  We only owe for the house and we are working hard on paying it off early. We pay tithe and we give offering.  That’s all good.

But, when I think of the silly stuff I have spent my money on I know I could have done better.  When I think of the places we have invested our money, I know we could have invested much more wisely.

You know and I know the Lord expects us to be good stewards, it is Biblical.  Please if you ever have a chance sign up for Financial Peace University, do it.  If you have adult or near adult children pay for them to attend,(without offending) it is worth  the money.

Baby Cakes. . .


 cookbook 001

This is my new cookbook!  It is vegan and uses some odd ingredients but healthy ones.  I can’t wait to bake something, but who’s going to eat it? Speaking of eat, I weighed in today down 1/2 pound, 33 pounds in all.  I’m headed to the Red Clover in a few minutes just to get some ingredients.

LOL I am back from my shopping and I left $89 behind at the store.  Red Clover has good prices but mercy this natural stuff is expensive.  I am leaving town I think I will make a surprise for my man and put it in the freezer.

I wonder, did I need another cookbook when I have all of these?

cookbook 002

I would guess  an extravagance like this will be out of the question when I am fully on the Dave Ramsey plan.  Looking at the bright side, I had the money to pay for it I didn’t have to charge it.  Oh mercy, this Dave Ramsey thing may not be very fun.

Financial Peace University

I think I told you we, my man and I, signed up to attend Financial Peace University.  We have been to our first meeting.

In front of the room they had a jar, some scissors and some cut up credit cards.  Now my man loves his credit cards, not that he over uses them and he always pays them off at the end of every month.  However, he L O V E S the little benefits he gets like 5% for every gas purchase.  I will let you know how that goes, do you think he will cut up his credit cards?

The next thing was, we had to go home and make a simple budget.  We have, and I am ashamed to tell you this, never lived on a budget.  Well I should not say never when we first started out I guess it was a budget, we knew exactly what we could spend or we wouldn’t have enough to pay the rent.

Yesterday we made our simple budget, budgeting in a certain amount to save every month.  As it is now we just save what’s left over, now we are going to save a certain amount every month. Working on a budget we will only spend what is allotted for each item.  For instance, we budgeted $150 a month for entertainment, this includes eating out.  When that’s gone we won’t be eating out until the next month.  Hummmmmmmm wonder how that will go.  We don’t eat out tons I suspect we will have money left over each month.  If we do I wonder what we will do with it?  Just kidding, we will S A V E it.

At the top of our budget, just a Dave Ramsey suggests, we put the amount we will give back to Jesus.  Our whole purpose in attending this seminar is to be able to give more. My man and I are reading the book, Three Cups of Tea, the book makes us want to help others.  It takes such a little amount of money to make a big difference.

PS–Weight–down 2 1/2 pounds finally–that makes 32 1/2 pounds.  It is slow going but it is worth it.  I had to put that in the budget too.  $120 a month is what I think it costs, I know what you’re thinking, no I can’t seem to do it on my own.

Here We Go Again. . .

As I look over this blog the posts you like to read the most are the ones on finance.  This is a surprise to me, I thought you would rather read about marriage, women’s ministries or prayer.  Nope, you are very interested in finances.  Oh I know you love prayer, family stuff and ministry but you are really into finance.

I am not great at finance but I can tell you a couple of things I have done to help mine out.

1.  I changed banks, I found a bank that will pay 5% interest on my checking account up to $25,000 balance.  There are some things I have to do but I don’t mind electronic banking, on-line bill paying and using my debt card 13 times a month.  It is worth the extra interest to do these things.

2.  I reason things out before I make the plunge. Think about need compared to want and I usually don’t buy.

3.  I have planned to save 10 percent of what I earn this year and maybe more.

4. I give money freely to those  in need and gladly give my tithe and offering.  I have never missed any money I have given away, that is amazing to me but it is true.

5.  I have established an emergency fund that I can easily get to if I need the money.

6.  I (we) paid cash for a good used car this year

7.  We added $15,000.00 to our house payment this summer. (I know what you are thinking. . .at her age it should be paid for)  Well it was until we got the wild hair to build a new house.

8.  I am on the weight loss plan to be healthier, that should save money in the long run.

Retirement is getting closer, I really never want to retire, I would be very bored.  I love this story from Dave Ramsey’s book.

Investing for retirement in the context of a Total Money Makeover doesn’t necessarily mean investing to quit your job.  If you hate your career change it.  Do something that you like.

Harold Fisher is one hundred years old.  He works five days a week at the architectural firm he founded.  Mr. Fisher doesn’t work because he needs money, not by a long shot.  He works because he finds joy in what he does.  He is a designer of churches.  His favorite saying is, “People who retire early, die early.” “If I retired, what would I do?” he asks.  Harold Fisher is financially secure and able to do what he wants, and that defines retirement.

Dave recommends you develop a five year game plan for transitioning into what God designed you to do, but don’t wait until it is too late to do what you love.

What About the Bargains?

Have you missed me telling you about the bargains I have been finding.  Have you missed my LOL’s when I  come home with several bags of products for pennies?

I have to tell you the bargains in couponing have dwindled considerably.  Is it a sign of the times?  Idk–if you don’t know what that means you must not text LOL. (I don’t know)  I don’t text much myself so don’t think you are the only one that still talks on the phone.  I miss my couponing days and I hope they come back soon.  I still find a good deal now and then but not like I use to.

In the mean time, I still believe we must take care of our money.  As I garage sale during the summer months, I am astounded at the things people pay big money for and then turn around and nearly give it away at a garage sale.

When I look around my house and see the stuff I have spent good money on and realize I don’t even like most of it, it makes me stop and think how much money I would have had I not spent  foolishly.

Today I bought my grand daughter a mocha something or other from Starbuck’s, it was pennies short of $5.00 for one drink.  Think of the people who do this nearly every day.

We have some friends who were paying nearly $100 for cable tv, they didn’t even use half the channels they were paying for.  They also were paying by the minute for their long distance.  They didn’t know there are plans that have a flat fee for long distance.

My sisters, we must get smart about our spending.  Think about your expenses, is it necessary to have unlimited texting for the whole family? Do you need a land line?  What about gym fees, downloads, bottled water, eating out and a dozen other expenses. 

The Lord expects us to be good stewards, let’s start now.

Still Another L.O.L

You already know I love a bargain and yesterday was a great day for a good bargain.  Before I left home, I knew I was  about to enter the doors of Walgreen’s or CVS, I could feel the excitement building.  I don’t have a Spiritual application from this except I wish I had this same feeling when it is time to sit down and open my Bible.  I am going to pray about that.

Here is what I brought yesterday at Walgreen’s: Rembrandt Toothpaste, $5.99  and received a $6.00 Register Reward (same as cash but has to be used at Walgreen’s), Bayer Quick Release Crystals, $2.49 and I had a $1.00 coupon that I found on the display at the store, I got $2.50 back in RR’s (Register Rewards), Ecotrin 81mg, 45 count, $2.00 and I got back $2.00 in RR’s.  Get this, when I opened the box there was a $2.00 coupon on the inside so when I take this to the store I will make $2.00 on my Ecotrin deal.  Nivea Body Wash, $4.99, I had a $1.00 coupon and got back $5.00 so I made $1.01.  I had a lot of RR’s from last week so I paid very little out of pocket and I have all of these products and  lots of RR’s to spend.  I must warn you don’t use the RR’s on the same item, you won’t get another.  In other words, don’t use your $2.00 from Ecotrin to buy another Ecotrin, use it to buy Bayers.  I must also add, always be honest, if the  advertisement  says one per person that means you can only buy one–that’s it only one. 

I have given many items away either to friends or to The Good Neighbor Center or to Bags of Love.  This is a fun hobby that helps me and helps others too.

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