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Family Pictures. . .What a Hoot!!

You already know we have one munchkin who does not like to have his picture taken unless it is his idea.  Add the rest of the grands and you can imagine how the photo session went.  We actually got some really great pictures until we got to. . . . . . .you guessed it MINE and my man.

You know I am working on my weight.  I was feeling thinner, notice I said thinner not THIN, until. . . . I saw the pictures.  Two  no three  no four things were wrong, first my shirt was way too low, who wants to see old cleavage?  Besides I believe in dressing to honor my God and my husband. Second and third and fourth,  I looked twice as big as my man.  Yikes!  I couldn’t get over it. I quickly told the photographer to delete and we would be back in a few months.

Are you saying I am vain?  Maybe so, I hope not.  Vanity is not becoming!

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