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Here We Go Again. . .

As I look over this blog the posts you like to read the most are the ones on finance.  This is a surprise to me, I thought you would rather read about marriage, women’s ministries or prayer.  Nope, you are very interested in finances.  Oh I know you love prayer, family stuff and ministry but you are really into finance.

I am not great at finance but I can tell you a couple of things I have done to help mine out.

1.  I changed banks, I found a bank that will pay 5% interest on my checking account up to $25,000 balance.  There are some things I have to do but I don’t mind electronic banking, on-line bill paying and using my debt card 13 times a month.  It is worth the extra interest to do these things.

2.  I reason things out before I make the plunge. Think about need compared to want and I usually don’t buy.

3.  I have planned to save 10 percent of what I earn this year and maybe more.

4. I give money freely to those  in need and gladly give my tithe and offering.  I have never missed any money I have given away, that is amazing to me but it is true.

5.  I have established an emergency fund that I can easily get to if I need the money.

6.  I (we) paid cash for a good used car this year

7.  We added $15,000.00 to our house payment this summer. (I know what you are thinking. . .at her age it should be paid for)  Well it was until we got the wild hair to build a new house.

8.  I am on the weight loss plan to be healthier, that should save money in the long run.

Retirement is getting closer, I really never want to retire, I would be very bored.  I love this story from Dave Ramsey’s book.

Investing for retirement in the context of a Total Money Makeover doesn’t necessarily mean investing to quit your job.  If you hate your career change it.  Do something that you like.

Harold Fisher is one hundred years old.  He works five days a week at the architectural firm he founded.  Mr. Fisher doesn’t work because he needs money, not by a long shot.  He works because he finds joy in what he does.  He is a designer of churches.  His favorite saying is, “People who retire early, die early.” “If I retired, what would I do?” he asks.  Harold Fisher is financially secure and able to do what he wants, and that defines retirement.

Dave recommends you develop a five year game plan for transitioning into what God designed you to do, but don’t wait until it is too late to do what you love.

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