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Praising God!

I am enjoying the Minnesota Women’s Reteat in beautiful Brainard, MN.  I want to share with you the idea of praising the Lord in all things. 

Janet Page is the speaker and she has told some amazing stories about praising God in everything.. When you think about scripture we are told to give thanks and praise in all things.  The Bible does not mention this just now and then it mentions it often.  Look up Ps.62:8, Is. 50:4, Ps. 77:1.

Let’s try it!  No matter what happens in your life, good or bad, praise the Lord for it.  Can you do it? Can I do it?  When we praise God for what he has done it unleashes God’s power.

The idea of praise in the place of grumbling is this:  God is in charge, He knows what he is doing and He usually takes the unthinkable and turns it for the good in one way or another.  We may as well praise HIM and let His power do it’s wonderful work.

Janet suggests we keep a journal on praising and the things God does with our praise.  She even goes so far as to suggest we do this for our children, write it down and even take pictures so the results are not forgotten.


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