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HE IS ABLE--read the stories in your Bible!!

HE IS ABLE--read the stories in your Bible!!

If you could ask God for any thing what would it be?  Would you ask him to bring love into a loveless marriage?  Speak to your child’s heart about a relationship with Jesus?  Give you more money so you can pay your bills?

If your request would be one of the above or something else, do you regularly pray about it?  Do you ask God to make a difference in your life or do you actually believe he will or that he can make a difference.  I think if we were honest about how we often feel about prayer life we would have to admit we are not sure God is still really able or willing to answer.  Do you ever start to pray and then think to your self  that this prayer isn’t going to even get half way to God, it is a powerless prayer.

The fact is God is able and willing to fulfill any request we have, after all he created the planets and even raised people from the dead.  Nothing is too hard for God.

I believe the reason our prayer life is weak is because our faith is weak, so what can we do to have more faith.  As I read the Bible’s account of what God has done in the past it helps me realize how powerful he really is.  My suggestion is to read some of those stories from the Bible.  You know the stories like Daniel and the lion’s den, Moses and water from the rock, the parting of the Red Sea, Daniel and the furnace.  You will soon be reminded that God is ABLE, he was able then and he is able now.  God is an unchanging God he is the same today as he was in Daniel’s time and HE IS ABLE. 

Write it on a piece of paper, HE IS ABLE, repeat these words when you pray and know that God hears you and indeed nothing is to big for him.  Have faith my friend HE IS ABLE.

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