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Have You Heard of Dave Ramsey?

Who says you can’t learn something from your children.

One day my daughter called and told me she was getting on the Dave Ramsey plan? I asked her about it and she informed me that it is the best thing she could find to save money.

Now my daughter is frugal any way, I really didn’t think she needed a plan, but I didn’t tell her that. (I believe it is better to give advice when someone asks for it not before).

For those of you who don’t know–Dave is a Christian man who loves to help people get rid of debt.

I have come to think the perfect gift for every couple when they get married is the book, The Total Money Makeover.

I don’t have the room or the time to tell you the plan but I hope you will read it for your self.

Dave also has a radio program, here in Lincoln, NE it is on every weekday from 12-4 and you can learn a lot just listening to other peoples questions and Dave’s answers.

In chapter 13 Dave talks about wealth and how a person can become enamored with wealth. We can easily start to worship money, especially after we have some.

Really it is our spiritual duty to be able to do good for others and bring glory to God. Giving of our time, energy and money is a geat way to Glorify God.

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