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The Girl who Thought She Was Ugly

I don’t like the word ugly.  Actually there are a few words I don’t like, dork, bored, ugly, I don’t care, hate and using the Lords name in vain, are just a few of the words I don’t care to hear.

Back to the girl. . .think of it like this what if somewhere, sometime, someone you trusted told you that you were ugly.  Suppose you agreed that you were ugly and you put it in your belief window.  Would it make a difference?  You bet it would.

I remember Florence Littauer talking about a girl named Greta and how her mother never gave her the silver box of saying Greta was beautiful.  Greta looked for affirmation from her mother until her mother’s dying day.

The story is told of a very attractive girl, one you would notice when she walked into the room.  The only problem with this girl’s looks was that she never smiled.  This girl was convinced that she was ugly.  Her mother told her how ugly she was almost every day.

She would never accept the idea that she  was attractive, and her self-esteem was low and affecting her relationships.  You see when her boyfriend would tell her she was attractive, her window told her, he is either lying or he is too stupid to realize how ugly she really is.

By accepting her mother’s words about her looks and putting it on her window, this woman has given her mother control over this aspect of her life.  She could not take control herself until she replaced her mother’s principle with one of her own.

What about you and me, do we have a belief window with some untrue things in it.  I think we do.  Think about this:

What statements about your self-image do you have on your window? Where did they come from?  How might they be challenged?

How’s Your Self-Esteem?

If the numbers are true at least 75% of my readers have a problem with self-esteem.  I hate it when I see my friends struggle with how they feel about who they are.  It is not simple to live in this world and not compare our looks or our worth to other women.

Excuse me but it really make me mad unhappy when I see my friend evaluate her worth on how her husband feels about her. Oh don’t get me wrong I can’t be unhappy with her I am unhappy with, with, with. . .well who am I unhappy with?  Her husband?  Maybe!  Her parents?  Perhaps!  Satan. . .that’s it, Satan!  Satan wants us to not realize how much Jesus values each of us.  After all aren’t we the bride of Christ, oh yes we are!  I wonder why we don’t feel like a beautiful bride, the bride of a king?

At Women in Touch on Monday evening, Alicia Bruxvoort spoke about the idea of being Christ’s bride and explored why we are so reluctant to put on the wedding dress.  It was a wonderful evening and Alicia hit the nail on the head, often we just don’t feel worthy.

As I explore this subject I will bring some snippets to you maybe we can each figure out a way to up our self-esteem.  Maybe we can figure out that we are worthy to be the bride of Christ.

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